Basic King of Fighters concepts

Drive Cancel — An Introduction to KoFXIII

So, you want to learn KOFXIII?

An Intermediate Guide To Opening People Up – Offensive Strategy

KOFXIII Button Hold Trick

KOFXIII Frame data

KOFXIII Record Mode Tutorial

Rule of 2 (or 3): Basic KOFXIII close and inside game

Fuzzy Guard

Throws and Alternate Guard

Buffering Tricks and Motion Shortcuts

Reading Frame Data

Hitstun and Blockstun

Whiff Cancel

KOFXIII Quick Guide

KOFXIII Community Resources

King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match Master Class
These videos were originally posted on NicoNico. Each video highlights a particular 2K2UM character and their play style.

9 Responses to Tutorials

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  2. SygBoss says:

    Just wondering, how relevant are these tutorials in respect to KoF13?

    I haven’t played KoF in years but KoF13 vids have me kinda hype and i’d like to actually learn how to play it properly.

    • Rex Dart says:

      100% relevant.

      XIII’s system most closely resembles that of 2002UM, which is of course based on 2002, which was based on 98 to begin with. And 98 is where these videos take all their footage from.

  3. Richard Nguyen says:

    Nice tutorials! I like it when these fighting game tutorials have a bit of creativity to it rather than just blunty showing you the lessons.

    I’m a fighting game player myself and am moreso wanting to get into the KOF scene. Therefore, these tutorial vids were interesting to watch. Thanks!

  4. roknin says:

    Awesome tutorial! I’ve been a fan of both Capcom and SNK fighters for a while (though my history with Capcom is longer), but I’ve always preferred the KOF style. Learned quite a bit from watching this vid regardless!

    I freakin’ love short/hyper hop, btw.

  5. torrie says:

    nice tuts

  6. Thank you so much for this. :)

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