KOFXIII: Brasil vs Chile – First to 30 Wins Team Battle

The CDA Team streamed on Saturday November 7th a first-to-30 (FT30) wins team battle; KOFXIII players of Brasil against Chilean players! The battle is quite long (over 4 hours) and you may see a few familiar player names on both sides! This session also features a heavy amount of character diversity, if you are seeking to view high level matches that don’t always include Mr. Karate, Kim, EX Iori, etc.

SNK Playmore officially withdraws from Pachislot business


A few weeks ago, we reported that SNK Playmore might be withdrawing from the Pachislot business.  Today, the company has officially released a press statement to announce their withdrawal from the Pachislot industry.

With the Pachislot division shut down, SNK Playmore will focus on their games and licensing business.  For games, the company will leverage their partnership with Ledo to create synergy in the mobile games category.  The company is also focusing on console games, with the PS4 exclusive The King of Fighters XIV being the focus of development right now.  The company is also expanding its games development staff.

For their licensing business, the company will continue to leverage the popular IP titles like The King of Fighters, Metal Slug, and Samurai Spirits.  In particular, their recent partnerships with Ledo on “The King of Fighters 97 OL” and with OurPalm on “The King of Fighters 98 OL” have been highly sucessful.  The company expects many more partnerships in China and the rest of the world in the future.

The company cites the decline of Pachinko players and also regulatory changes have created uncertainties in the Pachislot business.  Due to the difficultly in forecasting the Pachislot business, the company have decided to withdraw from the industry.  All the staff from the Pachislot business will be transferred to the games division.

Source:  SNK Playmore

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