Oct. 7-12th KOF XIII Events


The Fall Classic 2014
Date: Oct. 10-12th, 2014
Location: Raleigh, NC
Full Details Here

Columbus, OH KOF XIII Ranbats

Columbus, OH KOF XIII Ranbats
Date: Oct. 7th, 2014
Location: Columbus, OH
Full Details Here

Red Fight District 3

Red Fight District 3
Date: Oct. 11-12th, 2014
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Full Details Here

NYCC Afterparty

NYCC Afterparty
Date: Oct. 11th 2014
Location: New York City, NY
Full Details Here

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Metal Slug X Steam Release Available Now

Metal Slug XSteam

Metal Slug X is available on Steam now, priced at $7.99, or $12.99 to buy a copy for you and a friend.


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Dream Cancel Live! Episode 30: A3 Religion Interview

In this episode we will be talking with NYC player A3 Religion!

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Kof stickers available for purchase in LINE messaging app

Screenshot 2014-09-30 06.42.53The LINE messaging app is famous for its vast library of stickers.  The stickers act like emotes, which you can use when chat with friends.

LINE has partnered up with SNK Playmore to offer some King of Fighters stickers.  There will be several volumes of KOF stickers.  Check out the rest of the vol.1 stickers or purchase them below for $0.99:


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Samurai Shodown Slash is a hack and slash sidescroller

SNK Playmore has been on a roll with partnerships lately, with many of their trademark characters crossing over to other company’s games, and sometimes occuring in entirely different genres.

The latest SNK Playmore collaboration is with Korea’s InPlay.  Together, they have turned Samura Shodown into a 2D sidescroller hack ‘n slash.  You’ll see classic Samsho characters like Haohmaru, Nakoruru, Tachibana, Hanzo, Charlotte, and more slashing their way in this upcoming mobile game.

In addition to Samsho characters, Kyo, Iori, and Mai are also making a guest appearance as playable characters.

The game will be released for the Kakao platform in Korea.  Check out the trailer below:

Via Siliconera

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Oct. 4th KOF XIII Events

Texas Bar Fights Round 16

UCC Texas Bar Fights Round 16
Date: Oct. 4th, 2014
Location: Arlington, TX
Full Details Here

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Metal Slug X Releasing on Steam Thursday (Oct. 2)

Metal Slug XSteam

Metal Slug X is arriving on Steam this Thursday. Don’t forget Pre-ordering will save you 25% off the game’s set price ($6 instead of $8).

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Dream Cancel Live! Episode 29: NYC KOF Community Interview Part 2

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The origins of the Rhythm of Fighters; Siliconera interviews SNK

10550154_360274184119992_5486398273640082573_oSiliconera has recently interviewed SNK Playmore about how the Rhythm of Fighters came to be.  Here is a sneek peek of the interview:

Rhythm of Fighters seems to pay homage to SNK’s history with Athena as a support character and packs of Metal Slug songs. What is the most obscure reference in The Rhythm of Fighters?

Not only with the numerous support characters originating from many SNK games, but The Rhythm of Fighters is also full of Easter Eggs to please all our fans, even the biggest. I would like to take the “in-game flick commands” for example. There, you will be asked to reproduce the Raging Storm’s command input when playing “Soy Sauce for Geese” or the secret command which allows you to play as Kyo Kusanagi in KOF ’99 when playing “Tears”. Please try them all!

Hop over to Siliconera to check out the full interview:



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KoFXIII – Karatips #1 : Practice Mode Tutorial & Tips

Shaman2602 created a very well done tutorial of some neat tricks you can use to practice for and against certain things and situations in practice mode! Mr. Karate is your teacher in this video! Study up and train hard!!!!

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