KOFXIII Athena Option Select CD

TSS Atma just uploaded this video explaining an option select with Athena using the buffering of a super move motion along with using the stand CD attack. Here are notes from the description on youtube:

“The buffering method used works as neutral+CD will override all special move inputs in favour of CD, going to back+A after buffering crystal bit then doing neutral CD allows for crystal bit to come out as you re-complete the motion.”

Share with us what you think of this option select and if you have used it in matches before!

Source: TSS Atma Youtube

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Tomorrow Night on Dream Cancel Live – Episode 23: Post-EVO2014 Discussion

Tomorrow night at 8:30pm Central (6:30 Pacific/9:30 Eastern) will be our 23th episode of Dream Cancel Live! In this episode we will be discussing our experiences at Evolution 2014 that was held this past weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What did you think of the KOFXIII tournament at EVO2014? Did you attend the event and compete? Or did you follow the streams on Saturday? Post in the comment section of this article your thoughts or share them tomorrow night when we go live!

You can watch the show live here on the front page of dreamcancel.com or on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/dreamcancelsnk/live! The live embedded video will placed on the front page 30 to 45 minutes before the show starts. Please use the chatwing box to chat with other players and to ask questions to be answered on the podcast!

Remember, tomorrow, Wednesday June 16th at 6:30pm Pacific, 8:30 Central, 9:30 Eastern!

Google Events page: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/ca14vv8u51erj8tdldco4f2nf1s

Youtube Video Page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SafBgBe7j6Q

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EVO 2014 Results

With the third year of The King of Fighters XIII at Evolution Championship Series coming to a close, the tournament has come to a conclusion.
1. QANBA Xiaohai
2. MadCatz Tokido
4. CafeID MadKOF
5. Hee San Woo
5. TC Yoshi
7. TC ChrisKOF
7. VGM Misterio

The brackets for each pool can be found on the index page here.

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EVO2014 KOF XIII Finals Stream

Watch live video from SRKEVO1 on www.twitch.tv

Starts Saturday 2pm Pacific Time/4pm central. Don’t Miss It!

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Late night Evo KoF XIII practice with CafeID

Jump in now: www.twitch.tv/CafeID

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EVO2014 KOFXIII Pools Streamed By Kingsofco

Watch live video from KingsofCO on www.twitch.tv

Starts Saturday Morning 8am Pacific Time/10am central

Second half of pools will be streamed b
y www.twitch.tv/teamslr

Follow on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kingsofco

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EVO 2014 Stream Schedule & Brackets

EVO 2014

The King of Fighters XIII @ EVO 2014 will be streaming its finals on Sat. Jul 12th from 2pm – 3:30pm (duration subject to change) Pacific Time

Full EVO 2014 Stream Information here

Also, here are the EVO 2014 KOF XIII Brackets listed on Saturday.

To all those watch EVO from afar, be sure to tune in. For all those who’ll be at EVO competing, good luck and enjoy!

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The KOF Challenge II Full Results


Watch live video from TeamLago on TwitchTV (Top 3)

1-. LDA | ET (Taiwan)
2-. LDA XD| Tmil (Kula) (Puebla)
3-. EGN CG| Hugo (Distrito Federal)
4-. XTR| Huevo (Mexicali)
5-. VGM| Misterio(Chile)
5-. MCZ LDA TC| Luis Cha (Los Angeles)
7-. MXLI| Juan (Mexicali )
7-. ATX| Dante Kaiba (Perú)
9-. ST XTR| Koopa (Tijuana)
9-. TC| Realkim (Los Angeles)
9-. ST TL| Kanibalito (Tijuana)
9-. Mexikof EGN LDA| El Rosa ( Distrito Federal)
13-. VGM| Zero Black (Chile)
13-.ST| Minicatz (Tijuana)
13-. ENS ST| Terry (Ensenada)
13-. EX| Kodak (Tijuana)
17-.TL| Kenshin (Tijuana)
17-. KCO| Pedro (Colorado)
17-. Ens| Kchorro (Ensenada)
17-. ST| Archi (Tijuana)
17-. ENS| Erni (Ensenada)
17-. MXLI| Luisillo (Mexicali)
17.- Javier Lomeli (Tijuana)
17.- Blacky (Perú)
25-. SRL| Isostrife (Rosarito)
25-. Kira (Tijuana)
25-. LionTJ (Tijuana)
25-. TL| Neto(Tijuana)
25-. Soldado (Tijuana)
25-. Denieru Senpai (Tijuana)
25-. EX Chino SRL(Tijuana)
25-. TRP| Normal (Tijuana)

Source: Team Lago

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KOF Challenge II Stream

Watch live video from TeamLago on www.twitch.tv


Live 4pm PST/6pm Central/7pm Eastern

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Post CEO Matches: Reynald vs ZeroBlack FT5 and Reynald vs Misterio FT10 Rematch

We have quite a treat for you today. DarkGeese just uploaded this FT5 set between Reynald and ZeroBlack which took place after CEO. The video also features the first part of the Reynald vs Misterio FT10 set that showcased some of the highest level of KOF XIII gameplay to this day.

The Misterio match begins after the 14:44 mark:

Stay tuned for part 2 of the Reynald vs Misterio match.

UPDATE: The FT10 set is now uploaded and yours to enjoy:

Source: DarkGeese

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