Coliflowerz Will Teach You How To Properly Play Athena Asamiya In King of Fighters XIV In This Quick Tutorial Video

Coliflowerz is back with a new quick combo guide, showing basics of Athena Asamiya gameplay in King of Fighters XIV! This is good for players who are interested in learning Athena; both beginners and advanced players! Athena is a very simple character to play, but her combo game is quite odd. You’re not really going to be hitconfirming into combos […]

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SNK Releases Concept Movie For The Upcoming MMORPG The King of Fighters World

SNK released a short trailer for an upcoming mobile MMORPG (massive multiplayer online roleplay game) called The King of Fighters: World, that will be released this summer of 2017! The game will be available for iOS/Android devices & will be using a full 3D engine! For more info, check out the webpage at the SNK website:

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