KOF 98UM, Samurai Shodown 6, and Metal Slug 3 available on JP PSN

imageYesterday we reported that a few SNK titles including 98UM, Metal Slug 3, and Samural Shodown 6 will be released on PSN, and looks like they are already out on JP PSN already!

As expected, the titles are released as PS2 classics, so you won’t get any new features or netplay.

It’s not clear, however, whether these titles will be released in other regions.  There’s also no signs of KOF XI yet.

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TGA Winter Championship results, match videos

The TGA Winter Championship took place last night in Shanghai was one of the biggest KOF tournament this year, the tournament featured a large prize pot with over $16,000 USD.

After a series of qualifiers, 8 finalists were selected to play in the finals which took place yesterday.  The results are as follow:

1. XiaoHai
2. LaoHe (老黑)
3. UP
4. ET

With his victory yesterday, XiaoHai further cements his legacy as the most dominant KOF player on the planet.  He has won the three biggest KOF tournaments this year across three different KOF titles:

June: TGA Summer Championship (KOF 2002UM)
July: EVO 2014 (KOF XIII)
November: TGA Winter Championship (KOF 98UM)

Check out the replays below: Continue reading

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Kingsofco Galaga vs Astro KOFXIII FT20 Set

This is a first to 20 match set between Colorado’s own Galaga and Astro! This was most likely recorded live via http://www.twitch.tv/kingsofco on November 17th.

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Kyo Back Dash Orochinagi Stun Combo by rotmix


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KOF 98UM, KOF XI, and Samurai Showdown VI coming to PSN

kof9812Siliconera is reporting that Korea’s video game rating board has listed KOF 98 UM, KOF XI, and Samurai Shodown VI with SCE Korea as their publisher.  At this moment, it is unclear if these titles will be ports in the same vein as Metal Slug 3, or they will appear as PSN classics like KOF99 and SVC 2.  Also it is unclear whether these titles will be released outside of Korea.

Source: Siliconera; Korea Video Game Rating Board

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Kim Kaphwan vs Juri Han (One Minute Melee)

Watch Kim (KOF XIII sprites) take on Juri from SF4 (2D sprites) in a one-minute match (a CvS/SvC dream match partially come true).

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Nov. 18-23 KOF XIII Events


Date: Nov. 22nd, 2014
Location: Kansas City, MO
Full Details Here

Columbus, OH KOF XIII Ranbats

Canada Fighting Game Night
Date: Nov. 18th, 2014
Location: Belleville, Ontario
Full Details Here

Road to NEC

Road to NEC
Date: Nov. 14-16th, 2014
Location: Bronx, NY
Full Details Here

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Extra Weekend (Nov. 14-16th) KOF XIII Events

ESGS Tourney 2014

ESGS Tourney 2014
Date: Nov. 16th, 2014
Location: Pasay City, Philippines
Full Details Here

Road to NEC

Road to NEC
Date: Nov. 14-16th, 2014
Location: Bronx, NY
Full Details Here

Tri-State (EC) Sti Down

Tri-State (East Coast) Sit Down – Play and help build the EC scene
Date: Nov. 16th, 2014
Location: Bronxy, NY
Full Details Here

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Pocket Rumble is a New Fighting Game inspired by NeoGeo Pocket Titles

There is an exciting new indie game on Kickstarter titled Pocket Rumble. According to the developers, Pocket Rumble is inspired by the SNK fighters for NeoGeo Pocket, featuring Street Fighter style gameplay and an 8-bit art style.

Aside from inspirations from classic NGPC titles, Pocket Rumble also packs quite a few new features, some of which are quite innovative:

– Double Blind character select (online/offline)
– ELO ranked mode
– Ghost AI
– GGPO support
– Backup characters
– Lesson mode
– Mod support
– In game display of hitboxes and frame data

In addition to all the above, the game will actually be ported back onto the NeoGeo Pocket Color, so you can dig out your NGPC from your collection and play the game on the road

Check out the Kickstarter page below:


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Celebrate Singles’ Day with this Athena Combo Video

For those who are not familiar with Chinese culture, yesterday happens to be Singles’ Day.  11/11 every year is chosen to be a day for all singles to celebrate and socialize.

To celebrate the occasion, X-Combo has published a very cool combo video with Athena spanning multiple KOF titles.

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