Dream Cancel KOFXIV Online Tournament #2 – November 5th 2016

Saturday, November 5th at 2pm Central time (12pm Pacific, 3pm Eastern) will be our 2nd KOFXIV Online tournament! We will meet in the Dream Cancel Discord Server an hour before we start in the #kofanyone text channel! https://discordapp.com/invite/0X8lg0bSkbGAt4O5 Streaming is encouraged! Make sure your internet speed is good and wired! Top 3 of the tournament will be streamed here: https://www.twitch.tv/dreamcancelsnk […]

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How to find frames on block

Dream Cancel’s own desmond_kof has uploaded two great tutorials to help you navigate testing characters moves in the 1.03 patch of KOF XIV. Hopefully these will help you determine what is safe or punishable for different characters. How to find frames on block How to find start up frames

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