KOFXIV demo will be playable next week at PAX East

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Fresh off yesterday’s announcement of Atlus bringing KOF XIV to US, the official PlayStation Blog has revealed that KOF XIV will be playable at PAX East next week.  However, there is no official word as to which build the demo will be based on.  It could be the demo build with 9 characters that Nemo played on the Famitsu stream last week, or it could be the demo build with 24 playable characters that is scheduled to be demoed later this month in Tokyo and KSB, but definitely go check it out if you are in town for PAX East!

Pax East will be held in Boston, MA from April 22-26.

Source:  PlayStation Blog via MMCafe

KoFXIII: A Long Video About Counter Hits, Quick Rolls and the Meter System By TSS|Atma

TSS|Atma goes into a fair amount of in-depth information about counter hit states, quick rolls and the meter system in this unscripted tutorial video for King of Fighters XIII!

At the start of the video, Atma asks a very important question and concern that he would like your thoughts and feedback on. Post your thoughts either in the comment section here in the article or go to the comment section on YouTube!

Source: TSS Atma Youtube Channel

SNK launches official Twitch channel; Nemo to host KOFXIV stream this Friday


SNK is hosting two KOF XIV streams this month.  The first one is coming up this Friday and will be hosted by Nemo and Famitsu.  The event will start on Friday 9pm (Japan time) and will be streamed on NicoNico:



Toward the end of the month, SNK is holding a KOF XIV event at the e-sports square in Akihabara.  The event will be streamed on the newly launched official SNK twitch channel:



The event will start on 4/25 from 6-9pm (Japan time) and will feature 24 playable characters.  The first 150 and 500 fans who arrive at the event will receive some KOF XIV merchandise.


Lastly, there will also be a KOF XIV pre-launch tournament at KSB in SNK’s hometown Osaka.  KOF XIV will be one of the three games played on 4/30 (Saturday).

We will post the stream links when they are available.



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