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Team SLR Presents: Rosarito vs Ensenada 5v5 KOFXIII Town Battle REMATCH

If you remember a while back, we covered the story about the two neighboring towns in Mexico that battled each other in a 5v5 battle:
Last night, the two towns of Rosarito & Ensenada returned together to battle each other in a first to 20 match set!

(Note: There are sound issues in the first half of this video, turn down the volume or mute it to avoid the noise)

Source: SLR Rosarito

Pre-EVO2013 KOFXIII 5v5: Team Japan vs Team Melting Pot (beginning of set 1)

The ArcadeShock youtube channel has just released a set from the Team Japan vs. Team Melting Pot (Canada/Taiwan/USA) battle which was cut from the initial upload of the previous videos.

“This is actually the start of the MM between the two teams in set 1. We missed this first part as the videos were divided up. Enjoy the action. More to come!!”

Source: https://twitter.com/ArcadeShock/status/368784629307699201

EVO2013 KOFXIII 5v5 Battle: Team Japan vs Team Canada/Taiwan/USA

During the EVO2013 weekend, various 5v5 battles were held in the ArcadeShock streaming room featuring various countries competing against each other. These two sets of videos feature Team Japan on the left (players names will be updated soon) against Team Melting Pot on the right which consists of players Yang Yao Ren (Taiwan), ET (Taiwan), Karn (Canada), Mr. Kof (USA) and AS|Reynald (USA).

Set 1

Set 2

Source: https://twitter.com/ArcadeShock