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The Secret Society Presents KOF Battle Royale III – November 19th 2016


1st. Rashikal
2nd. PachuKOF
3rd. Airlancer

1st. PachuKOF
2nd. Dynicksty
3rd. LazieFreddy


1st. PachuKOF
2nd. Shadow780
3rd. Hugo

The KOF centered east coast tournament Battle Royale returns for a third installment November 19th! The tournament returns to the Next Level venue in Brooklyn, New York!

The Secret Society is proud to announce the third installment in our tournament series Battle Royale 3! As always the event will be streamed mixing the old with the new. All those burning to fight come and lay it on the line!

Next Level Arcade
Address: 874 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232
Date: Nov 19th, 2016
Games: KOFXIV, XIII, 98
Entry Fee: XIV ($10) , XIII (Free) , 98 (Free)
Event Start Time: 3:00 pm

Stream will be done by Arturo Sanchez of Team Spooky on https://twitch.tv/teamsp00ky

Venue Fee: $10
Game Rules for now:

Top 3 (if less than 24 entrants) will be a first to 3 set BUT if there are MORE THAN 24 entrants than the entire Top 4 will be a first to 3 set in a Double Elimination Bracket in a first to two series.

KOFXIII (will be ran on Xbox 360 unless otherwise stated)
The ENTIRE TOURNAMENT will be a first to 2 set and be a double elimination bracket
-Top 4 to be streamed

KOF98 (will be ran on Xbox 360 unless otherwise stated)
The ENTIRE TOURNAMENT will be a first to 2 set and be a double elimination bracket
-Top 4 to be streamed

For the exhibition this time around there’s going to be a KOFXIV Red Vs. White event, whether that will be a 5v5, 6v6, or 7v7 remains to be determined, but it will happen prior to the singles tournaments so if you like team events then stick around.

More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1091325944291693/

KOF Battle Royale II Results & Videos

(photo credit PachuKOF Rey)

kof battle royale nov14 (smaller)

KOF13 Results:

Last night in Brooklyn, NY, was the second high stakes KOF tournament called the KOF Battle Royal II powered by the Secret Society and Dream Cancel!

1st – Real Game PachuKOF
2nd – AirLancer
3rd – Mario E.
4th – Shadow780
5th – Liston The Prince, Dynicksty
7th – Garou Mike, Mynus
9th – LazieFreddy, A3 Religion, Brosnan, Murderkae
13th – Zemo, PAG Rome_Himself, SMR Dave, SMR FM Sway


Video Archive:


1st – Mario E.
2nd – Real Game PachuKOF
3rd – Shadow780
4th – Yuri
5th – Dynicksty, Orochi Donald Trump
7th – Brosnan, Garou Mike


Video Archive:


1st – Hugo
2nd – LazieFreddy
3rd – Shadow780
4th – PAG Rome_Himself
5th – Mario E., Orochi Donald Trump
7th – Brosnan, Dynicksty


Video Archive:


1st – Fireblaster
2nd – Shadow780
3rd – LazieFreddy
4th – Zemo
5th – Hugo, Rome_Himself
7th – Brosnan, KPB MeanestRage


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Special thanks to the Secret Society, Wyseguy KPBLive, and NYCFurby