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Learn Easy & Simple Combos In The Dream Cancel King of Fighters XIV BNB Combos Guide

If you are a new KOF player who is learning how to play King of Fighters XIV, more than likely you are searching for easy, simple “bread-n-butter” combos to learn for your characters. Or if you have been playing KOF for a while, you would want to learn easy combos for your characters immediately before you start learning more advanced & damaging ones.

Check out the early beta version of our google doc that we let KOF players temporarily anonymously contribute short, easy combos for beginners of KOF or seasoned veterans who want to quickly learn combos for characters they want to play with.


This guide is far from finished. It is currently always being updated to check for typos and to add & remove combos.

We will like to thank every single player who anonymously contributed to this guide and filled out all 50 characters in under 24 hours! We hope that it is helpful for all KOFXIV players!

This article will be updated whenever the guide is updated.

Updated to version 0.97 for KOFXIV version 1.12

KOFXIV: Character Beginner Breakdown Tutorial Videos By Ra3bones

Ra3bones is creating very impressive character breakdown tutorial videos aimed specifically at new players & beginners! Each video explains each characters normal attacks, special moves, super special moves & easy combos to start with! Every video is under 25 minutes long and has time stamps in the description section!

Be sure to follow Ra3bones on twitter: https://twitter.com/Ra3Bones
















Juicy Bits: Some KOF13 basics with Jim – Beginners Video Tutorials

Juicebox Abel recorded and uploaded a very good tutorial session with his friend Jim who is new to KOFXIII.

“Had a casual session with my friend Jim, afterwards I explained some KOF concepts to him. The monsters wanted me to upload this to Youtube so I did!”

Note: There are timestamps in the “About” section of the video on it’s youtube page.

Part 1

0:00 “Crossups and input direction”

4:12 “Going over his character choices/recommending characters for him since he needs a 3rd. Each of the characters I mention are the ones I would recommend for teaching fundamentals to beginners, regardless of team position.”

11:15 “Why EX Iori ISN’T good for beginners”

14:20 “Throws/options in the close range game (continues in part 2)”

Part 2

0:00 “Throws/options in the close range game (continued from part 1)”

6:23 “How can I practice/watching match videos to improve”

11:23 “Kyo anti-airs/crouching anti-air in general (continues in Part 3)”

Part 3

0:00 “Kyo anti-airs/mid-screen HD (continued from part 2)”

1:33 “Why Double Tap?”

3:45 “Practicing hit-confirms with Kyo”

7:35 “Practicing hit-confirms with Takuma”

Part 4

0:00 “Anti-air theory”

4:35 “Claw Iori’s slashes, are they good on block?”

5:25 “Practicing hit-confirms with Claw Iori”

8:20 “Help with Takuma’s Cadillac (the charge kick), options if the string is blocked”

12:40 “Thinking about the neutral game (continues in part 5)”

Part 5

0:00 “Thinking about the neutral game/Why Fireballs aren’t great (continued from part 4)”

6:20 “Thinking about risk and reward”

9:40 “Why do good players guard-cancel blowback so much?”