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GuttsCL KOFXIII New Tech & Combo Videos: Ash, EX Kyo, Benimaru, Shen, King, Elisabeth

In this article we will get caught up with a few tech & practical combo videos from GuttsCL that was posted yesterday and in the past few weeks:

Ash: Unusual frame traps & Setups

Ash: Cross up OS ~ EX Germinal caprice

EX Kyo: Corner drive cancel combo comparison (2PG 1DC)

EX Kyo: Midscreen drive cancel combos

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Benimaru Optimized HD Combos by k y t k

ImbuedGold recently uploaded a HD combo video which shows many different Benimaru HD combos under different meter requirements. Many of these combos are very powerful and rather execution heavy but look practical. Try them out yourself then share your notations and thoughts in the Benimaru Combo Thread.

Below is k y t k’s previous Benimaru HD combo video which was posted last year: