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KOF COMBOS – KOF FURIOUS 10th Anniversary Combo Video

Team KOF Furious is a KOF community based out in Brazil that specializes in crazy King of Fighters combos videos, news and other King of Fighters related coverage. This video commemorates their 10 years as a team! You will see almost all the King of Fighters games featured in this intense combo video!

Combos performed by: Thyagami, Cyber ​​Yagami, Devil Chaos, Rugal22, Hanzo, Chichi_BUG, Tekila, Andy Bug, citron ‘ , Elixir, Dark Angel, MK9999, KyoForever, Nenem, Stalinho, PKZ and Walter2k2

Edited by Hunter

Source: Philip Martins via Facebook tip

KOFXIII: Brasil vs Chile – First to 30 Wins Team Battle

The CDA Team streamed on Saturday November 7th a first-to-30 (FT30) wins team battle; KOFXIII players of Brasil against Chilean players! The battle is quite long (over 4 hours) and you may see a few familiar player names on both sides! This session also features a heavy amount of character diversity, if you are seeking to view high level matches that don’t always include Mr. Karate, Kim, EX Iori, etc.