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Million Arthur Arcana Blood – Iori Combo Exhibition

Million Arthur Arcana Blood is a Square-Enix fighter slated to be released on Steam that has assists, air-dashes, and other facets, putting it firmly in line with the classification of an “anime” fighter.

Thanks to the collaboration between SNK and Square-Enix, Iori from The King of Fighters makes an appearance as a playable character, and he brings with him all the pain he’s doled out through his KOF tenure. Check out this Combo Exhibition to get an idea of what he, and the game, has to offer.

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SNK Heroines Item Combo Exhibition

SNK Heroines is a fast and frantic fighter with lots of craziness that can occur in a short amount of time, and a large part of this is due to the items.

For my first contribution for Dream Cancel, I’ve brought forth an exhibition video for SNK Heroines that showcases all the standard items that can come into play, and how they can be used to create or extend combos with various characters.

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#KOFXIV: Antonov & Ryo Sakazaki Combo Video By Persona Entertainment

Persona Entertainment is back with crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV‘s Antonov & Ryo Sakazaki! Damage, high amounts of meter, and interesting setups are the motif of these combo videos!

Antonov is a character who uses brute force to deal damage. He used to be able to do a ton of silly yet very damaging loops but sadly it got nerfed but at least they gave him the ability to OTG with his super. Low combo potential and I really hoped that Antonov would have been able to juggle after his specials since with certain setups, he can put the opponent in a very high juggle state but yeah… it doesn’t reward you with anything no matter how high or low the opponent is.

Ryo’s combos are very troublesome due to multiple segments being character specific due to different hurtboxes. Ryo got a nice buff to his combos and that being his EX Zanretsuken being an anywhere juggle (I invented that term by the way. Yes, shameless plugging). While it does extend his combos, a lot of his EX moves can only be used once in a combo, still hindering his combo potential but luckily a lot of his moves put the opponent in a juggle state, still being able to dish out some cool combos… if you’re in the corner.

Source: Persona Entertainment

#KOFXIV: Rock Howard Combo Video By Persona Entertainment

It’s been a while since we’ve seen our friend Persona Entertainment bring us some crazy King of Fighters XIV combo videos! Now that it is version 2.0, he has given us some combo concepts for Rock Howard!

Rock’s pretty balanced in terms of combo potential but the main factor that seperates his combos is whether you add in his command throw juggles or not considering they’re very difficult to pull off. If you’re able to pull them off, his combo potential increases dramatically. My main complaint regarding Rock’s combo potential is that he should have been able to continue a juggle after his qcb A. It would at least be more rewarding to brake his command throw if the opponent is flying towards the corner. If SNK were to take out Rock’s throw loops (please don’t, they’re difficult enough to pull off!), I would at least want SNK to compensate by adding more juggle potential to some of his specials.

Source: Persona Entertainment

KOFXIV: Mature Combo Exhibition Video By Combonauts

Check out some crazy, possibly impractical, damaging combos by Combonauts using Mature!

Here are some notes from Combonauts regarding this video:

With the right conditions, Mature can combo almost everything into everything. This often means sacrificing how practical and damaging are the combos, but adds variety and, hopefully, entertainment value and, after all, isn´t this a combo exhibition?
Here´s a showcase of Mature´s most unorthodox combos. We hope you enjoy it!

KOFXIV: Ramon Combo Exhibition Video By Combonauts

Check out some crazy, possibly impractical, damaging combos by Combonauts using Ramon!

Here are some notes from Combonauts regarding this video:

Not all characters are meant to have lots of combo variety, and Ramon is proof of that. With his scarce combo tools, it was hard to find something new and/or interesting but, as always, we did our best.
Here´s a showcase of Ramon combos. We hope you enjoy it!

Source: Combonauts Youtube Channel

King of Fighters XIV: Hein Combo Video (Final Version) Ver. 1.03-1.04 By Persona Entertainment

The new patched version of King of Fighters XIV (version 1.04) has inspired Persona Entertainment to create a new combo video for Hein!

The latest balance patch allowed Hein to Climax cancel during the last hit of his super (yet still can’t advance cancel it for some strange reason), allowing his damage output to increase quite dramatically. Other than that there wasn’t any changes to his combo potential although I did miss out on adding a few things such as a juggle that requires very tight timing and a few optimizations here and there.

Source: Persona Entertainment

KOFXIV: Ryo Sakazaki Combo Exhibition Video By Combonauts

Check out some crazy, possibly impractical, damaging combos by Combonauts using Ryo Sakazaki!

Here are some notes from Combonauts regarding this video:

…There´s not too much variety in Ryo´s few combo options, so it´s been hard finding stuff “worth” showing. Anyway, and as always, we´ve done our best, and here is our selection with our best Ryo combos and, while it has the usual dose of weirdness and stravaganza, we think that, if you look for it, there´s always something to learn that may be useful.
We hope you enjoy it!

Source: Combonauts Youtube Channel

KOFXIV: Kukri Combo Video (ver. 1.03-1.04) by Persona Entertainment

PersonaEntertainment shows us some crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV’s Kukri in this video!

Notes from Persona:

Finding the max damage for Kukri was difficult so it took several revisions (and obviously recaptures) until I was completely out of ideas on how to gain more damage. Even without his stuns, he can do a lot of stylish stuff. For some reason his combos remind me of KoF XIII’s Duo Lon…

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