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Dream Cancel Live! Episode 33: KOFXIII Console 3-Year Anniversary

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In this episode we will talking about how the game and community of KOFXIII has changed the 3 years since the console release. We will also talk about the future for KOFXIII and the current state of the USA KOF community and players.
Below are a few questions and talking points we will discuss on air, and you can answer & share your thoughts upon if you are listening:

– How did you get into KOF13?

– How many people locally were interested?

– What characters did you try at first? Which ones you play with now?

– Do you play on Steam?

– What have you learned gameplay-wise from 2013 to 2014?

– What is your personal tier list? What match ups you have trouble with?

– What gameplay aspects do you like & dislike? What aspects grew or still dont like?

– Do you travel for competition or stay in your area?

– How is the KOF community in your area in general?

– Which KOF scenes inspire you and your community?

– How do you feel about the KOFXIII community in USA (or in your country etc) in general?

– If you feel the game’s hype is decreasing, what ideas do you have to inspire and motivate more hype?

– Do you feel KOF13 will return on the main stage for EVO 2015? If so, why? If not, why?

– What things are we doing correct (in your opinion) and what mistakes are we making as a collective KOF community?