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EVO is upon us, and for the first time, The King Of Fighters will be gracing the main stage. For those who’ve wanted KOF fans and players who’ve wanted to see it at EVO, this is a proud time.

KOF XIII stream for EVO’12 is here.

The EVO Scheduling has KOF XIII (All times listed are Pacific Time). Some times might be subject to change.

Pools – Friday (7/6) 8am – 2pm & Saturday (7/7) 8am-10am

Quarter-final Bracket – Saturday 10am-Noon

Semi-final Bracket – Saturday, Noon-4pm

Finals – Sunday, 3pm-5:30pm

Good luck to Kane317, David Kong, TheANSWER, and all DC members attending, and all the competitors at EVO’12.

Tune in and GET HYPE!

For any members watching the streams, hope to see you in the DreamCancel Chat during.