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EVO2016 KOFXIV Invitational & KOFXIII Side Tournament Results

This weekend at EVO 2016 featured two KOF tournaments, a side event ran by kingsofco, and a 64 player tournament presented by AtlusUSA and SNK!


King of Fighters XIII Side Tournament

Entrants: 34
1st – Huevo
2nd – FORD Violent Kain
3rd – TL Animal

4th – Layec

Full results: http://challonge.com/awgndjda

Archive Video: https://www.twitch.tv/kingsofco/v/78235247


King of Fighters XIV 48 Character Build Invitational

Entrants: 64

1st – XiaoHai
2nd – El Rosa
3rd – Frionel

4th – AS | Reynald
5th – Juicebox & Nem | Huevo
7th – MCZ Luis Cha & Romance

Full Results: http://challonge.com/kofxiv_evo2016/standings#

Archive Video: https://www.twitch.tv/atlususa/v/78469421

EVO2016 SNK Panel Reports, Garou MOTW Coming to PS4, KOFXIV 7 Character Demo Coming July 19th, Possible World Tournament Tour, PS3 Stick Compatibility

Frionel reported on twitter live from the SNK developer panel at EVO2016 in Las Vegas that Garou Mark of The Wolves will be coming to PS4:

And announcing that a 7 character free playable demo will be available this Tuesday the 19th:

And the possibility of a world tournament tour:

Frionel has also reported that final version of KOFXIV will be compatible with PS3 sticks (not the demo though)

We will re-tweet any more information coming from Frionel!

Source: https://twitter.com/frionel26

King of Fighters XIV Will Be Featured At EVO2016 As A Side Tournament, Developer Panel And More

Atlus USA just announced that they will be bringing their latest build of King of Fighters XIV to EVO2016! They will be running a side tournament on Saturday, with a panel with SNK developers before the tournament!

The world’s largest fighting game event just got a whole lot bigger, because SNK and ATLUS are bringing THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV to EVO 2016. We’ve got our very own Team ATLUS ready to go — consisting of excited marketing and production employees who are burning to step into the ring and show off the games to the passionate fighting game community at the ATLUS booth!

The side tournament will be FREE with a heavy cash prize!

1st place prize: $1,400

2nd place prize: $700

3rd place prize: $350

EVO 2016 is July 15th-17th in Las Vegas, Nevada!

For more information, go to the Atlus website!