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Million Arthur Arcana Blood – Iori Combo Exhibition

Million Arthur Arcana Blood is a Square-Enix fighter slated to be released on Steam that has assists, air-dashes, and other facets, putting it firmly in line with the classification of an “anime” fighter.

Thanks to the collaboration between SNK and Square-Enix, Iori from The King of Fighters makes an appearance as a playable character, and he brings with him all the pain he’s doled out through his KOF tenure. Check out this Combo Exhibition to get an idea of what he, and the game, has to offer.

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Check Out The #KOFXIV Sunday Salty Match Madness Event September 10th 2017

Inspired from a critical KOF community question posted in the KOF Tournament Players Facebook group, USA players have created a King of Fighters XIV exhibition event called the Sunday Salty Match Madness, that pairs online players against each other in a FT5 (or how many amount) set that will be streamed! Players can agree upon a wager or play just for the heck of it.

The matches this Sunday will be:

Webster Snow (devildigimon) vs Antonio Nunez (waterdrago)

Alex Acosta (alekxkdash) vs Estaban Rodriguez (MTG|NB Mexiken)

The main event will be:

Pedro Sarabia (KCOPedro) vs Rolando Neri (Violent Kaine)

The event will be streamed at https://www.twitch.tv/on_vicio ! Time is TBA!

What players would you like to see play against each other in a future Sunday Salty Match Madness? Post in the comments section below!

King of Fighters XIV Dream Match Exhibition Featuring Justin Wong, Ogawa, Sako & GO1 Planned August 19th

SNKPlaymore is planning on live streaming a 4 player exhibition (we are unsure what format it may be, probably round robin) on their twitch channel (https://www.twitch.tv/snkofficial), Friday August 19th! The 4 players featured are Justin Won, Ogawa, Sako and GO1! The live stream will begin is 7:00pm JST which is roughly 3am/6am from Pacific to Eastern standard time!

Source: SNKPlaymore Youtube Channel