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Winter Showdown 3 Dream Cancel Cup Finals T-Shirt Fundraiser

This is the second fundraiser campaign for the Dream Cancel Cup event held at Winter Showdown 3 in Colorado! This campaign will last only 21 days from when this post was written!

There 3 shirts to chose from designed by Kingsofco!




Buy a shirt, and help support the Dream Cancel Cup!

KOFXIII Tournament & Fundraiser – Help Bring Misterio to NEC15

Watch live video from KaneBlueriver on www.twitch.tv


This event will serve as a fundraiser to help with Misterio’s travel expenses as he plans to participate in this years NEC15 tournament.

Donations via paypal must be sent to: Trolipe@hotmail.com

The Paypal account is already open in case anyone wants to donate. All donated funds will go towards Misterios travel and living expenses while in the US.