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Check Out Videos From The Game Goons KOFXIV Bootcamp Session 11/24/2017

The GameGoons squad this past Friday (post-Thanksgiving Day) held a very impressive KOFXIV online exhibition session that featured many strong players against Reynald. The session featured commentary held by Hellpockets, Meta Abe with many commentary newcomers to practice their mic skills!

Below is a video playlist of all the KOFXIV Bootcamps that starts with November 24th’s session:

Watch The Game Goons Play Each Other in FT5 Match Sets In King Of Fighters XIV

The Game Goons consists of a few of the weekly FGC podcast Super Desperation Radio crew members. Their gaming channel regularly hosts King of Fighters XIV online gameplay & content. Recently, they played each other online in first-to-5 match sets in their lobby:

Check out their twitch stream! They play a variety of video games of many genres and time periods in addition to playing KOF!