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OverHeat’s #KOFXIV Slow Motion Terry Bogard Hitboxes & Laziefred’s Hitbox Video Playlist

WydD’s hitbox viewer for KOFXIV’s Steam Edition has provided players with an opportunity to capture character hitboxes during various special moves in real-time. OverHeat has made a video showing Terry Bogard’s hitbox animations in slow motion (with more coming soon):

Laziefred has a playlist of all the characters in KOFXIV 2.01 currently that he has captured:

KOF2002UM Nameless & Team Japan Hitboxes Video by 허준석

The Korean youtube channel 허준석 recently uploaded some slow-motion videos displaying the hitboxes of Nameless, Kyo, Benimaru & Goro from KOF2002UM using the hitbox viewer by Odabugs! Keep in mind that there may be some graphical glitches captured in the video, but they aren’t distracting at all.

More should be coming soon, so stay tuned!


Source: 허준석