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KOFXIV: Iori Yagami Combo Video by Persona Entertainment

PersonaEntertainment shows us some crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV’s Iori Yagami in this video!

Notes from Persona:

I purposely avoided Iori during the demo because everyone seems to be having a ton of fun with his combo potential but considering the amount of low combo potential characters I’ve been messing with for the full version, I believe it was time to get my hands on something more “KoF XIII”ish. His combos might look intimidating compared to the other more simple characters but in my opinion the main difficult part is doing the juggles from his new super. The first projectile need to be the weak version since you recover faster but it has to hit from the opponents back. The next projectile has to be the strong version so it can catch the opponent before they land onto the ground. In order to continue the loop, you would also need to be distanced far enough to recover fast enough from the projectiles. Everything else in the video is pretty self explanatory.