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KOFXIII Sie Kensou Combo Video By Persona

Persona blesses us with another great and crazy combo video showcasing Sie Kensou of Team Psycho Soldier! Here are the notes Persona placed in the description of the video on youtube:

“There’s not much to say about Kensou. His combo potential is quite low but the execution required to perform his combos is also quite low so I guess that’s a good thing? Also one thing many people tend to not realize about Kensou is that he does a ton of damage if you keep the opponent on the ground. His Neo Max is one of the most damaging in the game (fully scaled), just being below Kim (which is obviously the most damaging in the game by a ton).”

Kensou’s KOFXIII wiki page: http://dreamcancel.com/wiki/index.php?title=Sie_Kensou_(XIII)

Kensou’s KOFXIII forum section: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?board=106.0

Source: Persona’s youtube channel

KOFXIII Character Series Podcast: Psycho Soldier Team

Athena, Kensou and Chin Gentsai are featured in these group of episodes who are discussed by Choysauce, Marco Polo, LazieFreddy, Chaotic Blue and Sir Octopus! If you are interested in learning any of these characters, have a careful listen!



Choysauce, Marco Polo & LazieFreddy for Athena

Chaotic Blue for Kensou

Sir Octopus for Chin

Post your thoughts on these episodes in this thread: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=701.msg65114#new

Youtube versions coming soon!

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