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King of Fighters XIV Version 2.0 Bug Fix On The Way Soon

Neo_G on twitter (who works for SNK) announced that a bug fix for King of Fighters XIV will be on the way soon! GatoRay translated his tweet:

What bugs do you think they will fix that are currently in version 2.0? Tell us in the comment section!

#KOFXIV: Ryuji Yamazaki Combo Video By Persona Entertainment

Persona Entertainment is back with crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV‘s Ryuji Yamazaki! Lots of powerful, high damaging combos of different meter restrictions throughout!

Initially I wasn’t too impressed when I watched the trailers for Yamazaki but after trying him out, I felt he was well thought out for the KoF XIV system. While most of the characters would have to get into raw max mode to accomplish more, for Yamazaki he generally accomplishes more by going into the traditional max mode cancel from a normal. Height plays a very important role in his juggles because even a slight height increase opens up new juggles that normally would be too slow to connect. He does poison and it’s not calculated into the damage counter so I ignored it and followed the digits when it came to non 100% max damage combos. All his specials have a specific purpose so sadly I couldn’t fit them all into one video such as putting his projectile reflector, counter and multiple max mode activiations to use.

Source: Persona Entertainment

#KOFXIV Run Speed Tier List By ANTINOMY

For those curious about the different run speeds each character in King of Fighters XIV has, check out the pastebin run speed tier list by Antinomy!

-Bandeiras, Vanessa, Mature, Vice, Luong
-Shun’ Ei
-Choi, Billy, Angel, Ramon, Joe, Terry, Kyo, Benimaru, Kukri, Iori, Andy, Kensuo, Robert
-Tung, Clark, Kim, Ryo, Sylvie, Nelson, Alice, Antonov, Ralf, Geese, Hein.
-Yamazaki, Whip, Yuri, Mui Mui, Gang Il, Athena, King, Mian, Zarina, Mai, Nakoruru, Love, K’, Kula, Meitenkun, Maxima

As you noticed, Leona isn’t on the list. Stay tuned for a possible update soon!

Dream Cancel #KOFXIV Party Battle Mode Event #3

Join us Sunday, April 9th in the Dream Cancel Discord Server for a King of Fighters XIV online Party Battle Mode casual session! We will meet in the #kofanyone channel!

This will be the first online event for the new 2.0 version update!

We will be playing from 5pm Central (3pm PST/6pm Eastern) to 8pm Central!

All players are encouraged to voice chat with us on discord during the event!

No WIRELESS/WIFI connections please!

Visit the Dream Cancel Forum Thread for more information!


Rock Howard, Vanessa & Ryuji Yamazaki King of Fighters XIV Frame Data Compiled by Amedo310

Amedo310 in the Dream Cancel Forums has posted up frame data for King of Fighters XIV 2.0 characters Rock Howard, Vanessa & Yamazaki!

Rock Howard: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=4342.msg75445#msg75445

Vanessa: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=4347.msg75449#msg75449

Yamazaki: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=4345.msg75447#msg75447

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