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Crazy Battle Circuit KoF XIV Tournament – 8/26/18

Don’t miss the Sixteenth battle on the 2018 Crazy Battle Circuit, slated to be The King of Fighters XIV on Steam! The tournament is open to players of all skill levels as long as you have stable, wired internet. It will take place on Sunday, August 26th @ 1PM PDT (4PM Eastern). To see more details and sign-up, please see the official website’s page for the game at http://cbc.dx.am/kof14.html or the Challonge page.

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Rock Howard is the 4th and final DLC Character for KOF XIV

The 4th and final DLC character has been announced for King of Fighters XIV, it is Geese’s son Rock Howard! He debuted in Garou: Mark of the Wolves back in 1999 and is finally set to cross over into the King of Fighters series proper. Producer Yasuyuki Oda has said many times that he’d like to revisit Garou as a series, perhaps this is his first step toward that. Check out the trailer:

Now that all the DLC characters are announced who are you looking forward to the most? Who will be the nightmare to fight against?

Burn to Fight!

KOF XIV Arcade Version location test 2

Taito has announced the next loketest for KOF XIV will be held Saturday March 25th – Sunday the 26th at four different locations around Japan. Players attending the test and answering a NESiCA questionnaire can acquire a arcade version sticker as well as a unique title within the game itself. Any KOF players in Japan attending the event should stop by our Discord to let us know how it felt.