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Today: Dream Cancel KOF98UMFE Steam Sparring 11-15-2015


In this session we will do general matchmaking, connection testing between players, sparring, KOF98UMFE Q&A, coaching and practicing! No scores will be taken but try to play as many players as possible this session! This is good for beginners who want to explore more into KOF98UMFE & for intermediate and advance players looking for high level matches to play online!

Today will meet up and play together Sunday at 2pm Central time/3pm Eastern Standard Time! Just log into steam & show up in the group chat:

We will meet in the group chat for the game: http://tinyurl.com/KOF98UMFESteamGroupChat

steam group chat

While you are playing in the session make sure your connection is free and isn’t being used to stream video or upload or download files. Also make sure that your connection isn’t being used or shared by anyone else on your network. No wireless connections, please!

This Saturday: Dream Cancel KOF98UM Final Edition Steam Online Release Party


To celebrate the release of King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match Final Edition on Steam, Join us Saturday at http://chatwing.com/dreamcancelsnk at 10am PST/12pm CST/1pm EST to find matches and chat about the game! Anyone & Everyone is welcomed!

The game is released now! Pre-order: http://store.steampowered.com/app/222420/

KOF98UM Final Edition FT10: ET vs XiaoHai

Gato Ray recently uploaded a recorded match of a first to 10 match set between ET (who placed 2nd at the CafeID Global Tournament in KOFXIII) versus the KOFXIII EVO 2014 champion, and mostly known for his KOF98 play, XiaoHai playing KOF98 Ultimate Match Final Edition! This match was most likely recorded via QQGame client and was originally uploaded on NicoVideo, then mirrored on Youtube. This is an excellent start for those who are interested in trying out KOF98UM Final Edition which should be released on Steam next month!

Part 2:

Hit the jump to watch the rest of the first to 10!

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