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KoF XIII: Takuma Sakazaki Combo Video (Final Version) By Persona

This combo video recently recorded and uploaded by Persona is a revisited version of a Takuma Sakazaki combo video he recorded a while back (found HERE).

Here are the notes from the description section on Youtube:

Takuma is known for having a ton of stun combos that go on and on but I decided to take one out from the old version simply because the combo I took out didn’t serve much of a purpose that the other stun combos in the video already provides and that I wanted to add just how much damage he can do with just one power gauge (although practical to do, does a lot of damage!). Other than that, I went from HD mode 2 power gauge combos straight to HD mode 5 power gauge combos so I was definitely missing combos inbetween and pretty much fit in all of Takuma’s super enders (both DMs, SDM, Neo Max full hit and even Neo Max whiff!).

Takuma Sakazaki’s KOFXIII wiki page

Takuma Sakazaki’s Forum Section

KoFXIII: Chin Genstai Combo Video By Persona

It’s been a while since Persona has graced us with another cool combo video for King of Fighters XIII! This showcases crazy combinations with Chin Gentsai of Team Psycho Soldier!

I actually started with Chin a long time ago but left him on hold simply because I found parts of his combos either too easy or too difficult (of course, the easy parts wasn’t what was holding me back). His HD combos are easy and straight forward but I honestly suck at his stance cancel combos. If you can master that, you’ll see that Chin can do a ton of damage. Since this is my first time finishing Chin, I’ll leave it for awhile to see how it ages; if it ages well enough for no more furether improvements, I’ll just paste the “FINAL VERSION” onto the video title.

Chin’s KOFXIII wiki page: http://dreamcancel.com/wiki/index.php?title=Chin_Gentsai_(XIII)

Kensou’s KOFXIII forum section: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?board=83.0

Source: Persona’s youtube channel

Dream Cancel KOFXIII Steam Time Zone Battle #1 – 5-15-2016

May 15th at 12pm Pacific/2pm Central/3pm Eastern Time will be our first KOFXIII Steam Time Zone Battle! The format of the event will be a bracket tournament! We have two brackets available for people living in different parts of North America. We will all meet up in the Dream Cancel Discord Server.

For more information, rules and to sign-up, visit the forum thread: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=4135.0

KoFXIII: A Long Video About Counter Hits, Quick Rolls and the Meter System By TSS|Atma

TSS|Atma goes into a fair amount of in-depth information about counter hit states, quick rolls and the meter system in this unscripted tutorial video for King of Fighters XIII!

At the start of the video, Atma asks a very important question and concern that he would like your thoughts and feedback on. Post your thoughts either in the comment section here in the article or go to the comment section on YouTube!

Source: TSS Atma Youtube Channel

Dream Cancel KOFXIII Steam Battle #15 – Sunday 4/10/2015

On Sunday April 10th will be our 15th steam battle for King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition! We will meet up and play together Sunday at 2pm Central time/3pm Eastern Standard Time!

Optional check-in is 30 minutes before the session starts (1:30pm CST, 2:30pm EST) and we will stop the session at 6pm CST/7pm EST.

We will meet in the group chat for the game: http://tinyurl.com/KOFXIIISteamGroupChat

All players in attendance will play each other in a first to 3 wins set. Everyone will play at the same time. After you have finished playing with one person, move on to the next available player and so on (in the chat say “FREE” when you are available). When you are playing, please try to keep track of your score either through chat reminders or tally marks on pen and paper.

It is recommended you try to play as many different people as possible, and you are allowed to rematch with previous opponents once.


Forum Thread: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=4125.0

Dream Cancel KOFXIII Steam Battle #14 Results

We couldn’t grab a screencap of how many players were exactly in the chat room but we estimate around 15 to 20!

To check out the scores, visit the forum thread where they are posted:

1.) TheSh1ning: 7 wins (256 PlayKOF points)
2.) TKC|ON Vicio: 6 wins (128 PlayKOF points)
3.) CRAZEH246: 5 wins (64 PlayKOF points)
4.) Good Loser, zenkeeee, djsiegfried: 4 wins (32 PlayKOF points)
5.) besteboyjr, El Matador, RekterinoInNektarino, revolver31, Chintrick: 2 wins (16 PlayKOF points)
6.) desmond_kof, thec0r3, ASReynald: 1 win (8 PlayKOF points)

KoF XIII: Robert Garcia Combo Video (Final Version) By Persona

This combo video recently recorded and uploaded by Persona is a revisited version of a Robert Garcia combo video he recorded a while back (found HERE).

Here are the notes from the description section on Youtube:

It was quite difficult adjusting the final version of the video simply because I originally thought the old version had 10 combos when it in fact had 12 so I had to decide on what combos I wanted to take out in return for more stylish combos. I tend to believe that Robert has quite a difficult time to perform 100% damage while still being stylish and less repetitive but I believe I’ve found the right balance.

Robert Garcia’s KOFXIII wiki page

Robert Garcia’s Forum Section

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