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KOFXIV: Kula Diamond Anti-K’ Edition (v1.03) Combo Video By ON|Dark Chaotix

Check out this really cool Kula combo video created by Orochinagi’s Dark Chaotix!

Some notes from Dark Chaotix:

As a competitive character she is good and the opposite to what Kula was in XIII, which you can complain too much. I just don’t understand some of the changes they SNK made because those changes were game breaking before but the only reason I see it not being there is because of the high damage output, which would make Kula even BETTER.

Source: Dark Chaotix Youtube Channel

KoF XIII: Kula Combo Video (Final Version) By Persona

This combo video recently recorded and uploaded by Persona is a revisited version of a Kula combo video he recorded a while back (found HERE).

Here are the notes from the description section on Youtube:

I improved on her max damage combos and included her stand A that does multiple hits that I didn’t include in the older version (honestly I find it useless unless you want to easily stun the opponent but I’ve got to include everything into the video afterall). I’m honestly surprised at how much damage Kula can dish out focusing purely on it but other than that she doesn’t have too much in terms of variety for 100% combos.

Kula’s KOFXIII wiki page

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Pichon Cup 4 from Mexico…. Road to Dream Cancel Cup


One of the Dream Cancel Cup qualifying tournaments is live right now from Mexico. The tournament includes games such as KOF 02UM, KOF98UM, KOF2002, and KOF XIII from the SNK side of the house. The tournament has notable players such as Layec, Kula, and TC|Pako. You can check out the stream here:


Watch live video from GameOver_Team on www.twitch.tv

You can also follow the brackets here:

Pichon Cup 4 Challonge

KOF XIII: K’ Team 100% Damage Combo Video By Douglas Pereira

Douglas Pereira of Douglas Production just uploaded another impressive combo video showcasing 100% (or 1000 damage) combos using Maxima, Kula & K’ of the K’ Team!

All the combos use full stocks of meter and are incredibly flashy. Subscribe to his channel for more upcoming combo videos!

Source: Facebook, Douglas Pereira Youtube

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Thunderstruck 2014 KoFXIII Grand Finals EGN CG|Hugo vs LDA.XD|Kula

VideogamesXDTV just uploaded the grand finals between Hugo vs Kula from the Thunderstruck 2014 tournament this past weekend! It was originally streamed by Team Sabroso and if you would like to know more information about the tournament, check out the article by our good friends KOFFuneral: http://koffuneral.blogspot.com/2014/10/kof-xiii-stream-33-participantes-en-el.html

TOP 8 (33 participants)
1.) LDA XD| Kula
2.) EGN CG| Hugo
3.) EGN| Schomoo

4.) Dios3000 PiraƱa
5.) DS| Excelancer
5.) XTR| Huevo
7.) XTR|Koopa
7.) Maraya

Source: VideogamesXD, KOFFuneral