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KOFXIV: Alice, Shun’ei & Kyo Kusanagi Frame Data Compiled By Amedo310

Amedo310 took the time to compile and create frame data tables for Alice, Shun’ei & Kyo Kusanagi! He posted his findings in the Dream Cancel Forums!

Alice Frame Data: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=4214.msg75129#msg75129

Shun’ei Frame Data: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=4157.msg75130#msg75130

Kyo Kusanagi Frame Data: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=3543.msg75134#msg75134

The tables have been added to Alice‘s, Shun’ei‘s, and Kyo Kusanagi‘s wiki page (that are works in progress)!

King Of Fighters XIV Demo – Kyo Kusanagi Combo Video by ON|Dark Chaotix

Orochinagi’s Dark Chaotix has blessed us with a KOFXIV Demo, Kyo Kusanagi combo video!

Here are his notes found in the description section:

Kyo took me a while to complete. Kept coming up with different variations so meant making updated combos. I’m sure there is still some more options but I think i covered most of them.

Linking his SDM with dp can be difficult. Holding the button on his orochinagi DM still works (as shown with the 5 hit combo, you have to hold the button). Letting go of the button at the right time will net you the right hit to extend the combo.

Source: Dark Chaotix Youtube Channel

KOFXIII: Kyo HD Combo Reset, Terry & EX Iori Max Damage 2 Stock HD Combo by KOFKimeth & PersonaEntertainment

The video above by KOFkimeth is a 2 Stock Kyo HD Combo that has a reset toward the middle for more max damage!

This is another combo by KOFkimeth using Terry that shows a possible max damage HD combo using only 2 Stocks!

PersonaEntertainment shares an EX Iori 2 stock HD combo that could be max damage for that meter limitation.

KOF2002UM Kyo & Bao Combos By Bruno_Kof_13

Bruno_kof_13 just uploaded and recorded these 3 new videos of combos you can do with Kyo and Bao! The combos range in difficulty, either very easy bread-n-butter type combos, easy super cancels, then progress to much longer BC/Max Mode combos! Kyo’s video features a few double Max Mode combos that deal massive damage. If you are looking for useful combo ideas, or a challenge, try a few of these out in practice mode!

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KOFXIII: Kyo Kusanagi Combo Video by Persona

PersonaEntertainment is back showcasing crazy combos with Team Japan’s Kyo Kusanagi!

Here are some thoughts from Persona himself:

“It’s been almost a year since I’ve completed EX Kyo and felt it’s the time to finish up his normal version. He has a ton of combo potential but sadly the damage he does is quite low compared to many other characters, making it difficult to be stylish and still reach 100% damage. Luckily I’ve still been able to reach 100% damage while making each combo unique. Along with a ton of combo potential also comes ease of execution. Kyo’s combos are quite easy to perform, other than two things. One, if you perform his ground super and hold the button for 1/3 of a second, the super will start up much quicker than usual, being able to connect it from juggles that you normally can’t. Most (if not all) of the ground supers in the combo video uses this method because it’s needed in order to hit. And two, Kyo can repeat his qcf B move six times on an opponent but the timing is so difficult that you’d probably have to have the hands of a robot to get all six reps. Normally it would be an infinite but for some odd reason the seventh hit will always whiff.”

The description of the video has more of his notes and combo notation transcripts of all the combos that you see in the video!

Source: PersonaEntertainment