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Combo Breaker KOF13 Results

KOF13 (41 players)
1.) MCZ LDA Luis Cha
2.) Mario E
3.) KCO Pedro
4.) James Jr.
5.) Unwieldy
5.) El Matador
7.) Randomlama
7.) KaneBlueRiver

Top 4
Losers Semis – Mario E vs. James Jr.

Losers Finals – Mario E vs. KCO|Pedro

Grand Finals – Mario E vs. LDA MCZ|Luis Cha

Pool match – Higgs Bison vs Unwieldy:

KOF2002UM (14 players)
1. Luis cha
2. Mario e
3. kco pedro
4. Flanagan
5. desmond_kof
5. randomlama
6. moony blues
6. jojo
7. arooo
7. Josh Grobner (josh_Kof)
7. Sam (SummyG)
8. zerp
8. Jason (Macrobeast)
8. q

Mario E vs KC0|Pedro

Mario E vs MCZ|LDA Luis Cha

Extra footage from the event

(photo by Macrobeast)

Team Dream Cancel vs Team PowerUp2012 6v6 videos

From PowerUp 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio:

(because of the stream problems, the 5v5 exhibition could not be run, but myself and A-Visions decided to run a Pokemon style 6v6 on the casual set-up.)

Greats (DC) vs A-Visions (PU)

BananaKen (DC) vs SonicSpear64 (PU)

Humbag (DC) vs Dandy J (PU)

Desmond Delaghetto (DC) vs IGL BALA (PU)

Check out more videos in this thread: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=7.msg51914#msg51914