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Athena “The Wonders After Command Grab” Video By Misterio

Misterio recorded and uploaded a 11 minute video showcasing damage and screen positing options from Athena’s command grab (hcf+P)! The combos start off with low amounts of meter then progresses to harder HD combos using more drive and super stocks!

If you play Athena, try some of these in practice mode! Share your thoughts on this video in the comment section below or in the KOFXIII Athena discussion forum: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?board=80.0

Source: Youtube via twitter

KOFXIII Friday Night Fights Videos With Misterio, Luis Cha, ChrisKOF, & Romance

Yesterday, Misterio, Luis Cha, ChrisKOF and Romance played a bunch of casual matches of KOFXIII between each other! The matches don’t have any text overlays, but if you know these players well, you’ll already know who is who by the character and team selections! The second video is a first to 5 between Misterio and ChrisKOF! Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Source: Twitter

KOFXIII Tournament & Fundraiser – Help Bring Misterio to NEC15

Watch live video from KaneBlueriver on www.twitch.tv


This event will serve as a fundraiser to help with Misterio’s travel expenses as he plans to participate in this years NEC15 tournament.

Donations via paypal must be sent to: Trolipe@hotmail.com

The Paypal account is already open in case anyone wants to donate. All donated funds will go towards Misterios travel and living expenses while in the US.