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King of Fighters XIV: Vice Combo Video Ver. 1.03-1.05 By Persona Entertainment

Persona Entertainment shows us the combo limits of Vice!

I wouldn’t be surprised if Vice wins the award for least combo potential out of the entire roster. I’ve pretty much tried to think of every way possible, even with hit trades and special setups and couldn’t find anything noteworthy. I think the video speaks for itself.

Also, check out his Shun’ei combo video:

Source: Persona Entertainment

King of Fighters XIV: Hein Combo Video (Final Version) Ver. 1.03-1.04 By Persona Entertainment

The new patched version of King of Fighters XIV (version 1.04) has inspired Persona Entertainment to create a new combo video for Hein!

The latest balance patch allowed Hein to Climax cancel during the last hit of his super (yet still can’t advance cancel it for some strange reason), allowing his damage output to increase quite dramatically. Other than that there wasn’t any changes to his combo potential although I did miss out on adding a few things such as a juggle that requires very tight timing and a few optimizations here and there.

Source: Persona Entertainment

KOFXIV: Kukri Combo Video (ver. 1.03-1.04) by Persona Entertainment

PersonaEntertainment shows us some crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV’s Kukri in this video!

Notes from Persona:

Finding the max damage for Kukri was difficult so it took several revisions (and obviously recaptures) until I was completely out of ideas on how to gain more damage. Even without his stuns, he can do a lot of stylish stuff. For some reason his combos remind me of KoF XIII’s Duo Lon…

KOFXIV: Iori Yagami Combo Video by Persona Entertainment

PersonaEntertainment shows us some crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV’s Iori Yagami in this video!

Notes from Persona:

I purposely avoided Iori during the demo because everyone seems to be having a ton of fun with his combo potential but considering the amount of low combo potential characters I’ve been messing with for the full version, I believe it was time to get my hands on something more “KoF XIII”ish. His combos might look intimidating compared to the other more simple characters but in my opinion the main difficult part is doing the juggles from his new super. The first projectile need to be the weak version since you recover faster but it has to hit from the opponents back. The next projectile has to be the strong version so it can catch the opponent before they land onto the ground. In order to continue the loop, you would also need to be distanced far enough to recover fast enough from the projectiles. Everything else in the video is pretty self explanatory.

KOFXIV: Goro Daimon Combo Video by Persona Entertainment

PersonaEntertainment shows us some crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV’s Goro Daimon in this video!

Notes from Persona:

Want to know why there aren’t many Daimon combo videos around? Because he doesn’t have much combo potential. I obviously don’t like characters with little combo potential but Daimon’s combos are unique in a way that depending on what you do, it takes different combo routes which you will notice in his max damage combos. It was very difficult coming up with ten combos for the video but I think this would be a good video for people who want to learn how to play him because these combos tend to be more on the practical side than impractical.

KOFXIV: Chin Gentsai Combo Video by Persona Entertainment

PersonaEntertainment shows us some crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV’s Chin Gentsai in this video!

Notes from Persona:

What happens when you have a ton of singular attacks and can follow up after them? You get a ton of overall damage. Chin’s combos might look brain dead easy to perform but there’s still some rather precise timing thats needed. There’s also a bit of variety in terms of trying to get more damage. For example, Chin’s C version of his Tetsuzankou comes out slower but does more damage yet it can’t connect for the A version of Getsuga Chougeki which is obviously much faster than his C version yet can connect from his C version. Basically saying… you have to think out of the box a bit on what can combo or not, depending on the startup of the move.

KOFXIV: Terry Bogard Combo Video by Persona Entertainment

PersonaEntertainment shows us some crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV’s Terry Bogard in this video!

Notes from Persona:

Terry is pretty straightforward while doing solid damage and not needing very much execution meaning even though I generally don’t aim for practical combos, with a few adjustments you can be landing most of these in an actual match with ease.

King of Fighters XIV: Sylvie Paula Paula Combo Video by Persona Entertainment

PersonaEntertainment shared with us a Sylvie combo video that he performed while using the demo version. Now he’s showing us whats capable (or the same) in the full version!

Notes from Persona:

Not much has changed for her from the demo but those few changes does make quite a big difference in terms of how her combos now work. She can’t restand the opponent from a CD and she can only connect close D after her qcf AC if it hits late (stand C still works as normal). With how many times I’ve analyzed her combos, I hope this would eventually turn into a “final version” in the future without me having to add or change anything.

Sylvie’s wiki page: http://dreamcancel.com/wiki/index.php?title=Sylvie_Paula_Paula_(XIV)
Source: PersonaEntertaiment

King of Fighters XIV: Hein Combo Video By Persona Entertainment

Persona Entertainment has begun his King of Fighters XIV full version combo video journey by showing us what he can do so far with Hein!

Here are some notes from Persona himself:

If you’ve tried Hein out for a quick moment, you’ll quickly realize he’s not a combo heavy character and relies of mind games rather than raw damage. To push his damage even lower, his Climax can only combo on a non juggled opponent and the only way to put them back down onto the ground is to use his Queen super, which can’t even be climax canceled on the last hit which does the most damage. Most of his moves have slow startup but can be comboed after if the opponent gets hit so when building combos, it’s best to work backwards with him, If you notice in the video, Hein seems to take one path in terms of combos, so basically it just comes off to how short or long you want your combos to be in terms of pratical uses.

Source: Persona Entertainment via Submitted Tip

King of Fighters XIV Demo: Sylvie Paula Paula Combo Video by PersonaEntertainment

PersonaEntertainment has been grinding the KOFXIV demo lately, and has uploaded a combo video showing crazy damage with Sylvie Paula Paula! Here are his notes below:

Sylvie is one of the more simple characters in the demo when it comes to combo potential but just enough to be able to think out of the box since you can do a combo before her climax and a combo after it. Sadly, most of her specials (normal and EX are considered different categories) are only allowed to hit once so even if you could find a way to do some super duper setup with her climax for a long combo, you’re not going to be able to do much anyhow. Even though I could get more damage with a longer max gauge for the less power gauges, I decided to go with 1000 max gauge since I would consider that as an on point character and it would make the combo a tad bit more realistic. Some moves are considered a hard knockdown even though they fall like a soft knockdown therefore I suggest you turn on recovery when testing a character.

Source: PersonaEntertainment Youtube Channel

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