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$1000 Pot Bonus From AtlusUSA For King of Fighters XIV At CEOtaku 2016

AtlusUSA has provided a $1000 pot bonus for the King of Fighters XIV tournament at CEOtaku 2016 which is being held in Orlando, Florida, October 1st-2nd!

Are you planning on going to CEOtaku this year?

$300 Pot Bonus Added To Frosty Faustings VI’s King Of Fighters XIII Tournament

James Jr. has contributed a $300 pot bonus for the top 3 winners for Chicago’s Frosty Faustings IV KOFXIII tournament which will be held December 29th!

1st – $200
2nd – $70
3rd – $30

There will also be a KOF only raffle if you pre-register for the KOFXIII tournament. Pre-register here: http://ifdhumbag.wordpress.com/

Frosty Faustings Dream Cancel Thread: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=3187.msg67262#msg67262

(pre-registration ends December 20th. the entire Frosty Faustings event will be held December 28th & 29th, 2013)