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KingsofCo’s 3rd King of Fighters XIV Online Tournament (PS4) Reaches $1000 Dollars In Prizes With An Updated Starting Time

In a short amount of time & thanks to the King of Fighters community, the fundraiser for the prize pot for the 3rd KingsofCo King of Fighters XIV Online Tournament (held October 29th) has exceeded it’s goal and it now currently at $1000 dollars in prizes, that will be distributed to the top 8 winners!

Also, the bracket of players have grown a considerate amount because of the high amount of interest! The starting time on Sunday now is 3pm Mountain Time, which is 2pm Pacific, 4pm Central, and 5pm Eastern Standard Time. This will ensure the tournament will have enough time to run throughout the day for the amount of players that have joined. Check out the matcherino page here:


A few King of Fighters XIV online exhibition matches to help promote the online tournament, have been held by Game Goons & ON_Vicio! Here are some twitch clips from the best moments of those exhibitions!

Watch Texas Online Casuals from On_Vicio on www.twitch.tv