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Dream Cancel #KOFXIV Party Battle Mode Event #8 – 10/8/2017

Join us Sunday, October 8th in the Dream Cancel Discord Server for a King of Fighters XIV online Party Battle Mode casual session! We will meet in the #kofanyone channel!

We will be playing from 6pm Central (4pm PST/7pm Eastern) to 9pm Central!

All players are encouraged to voice chat with us on discord during the event!

No WIRELESS/WIFI connections please!

Visit the Dream Cancel Forum Thread for more information!


The entire event showing PS4 players in action will be streamed at: https://www.twitch.tv/dreamcancelsnk

The entire event showing Steam players in action will be streamed at: https://www.twitch.tv/calvinclimb

Check out the fun we had in the last session!

Fu’un Super Combo (Savage Reign & Kizuna Encounter) Gameplay Trailer Video Released By SNK

Yesterday, SNK released the Japan only PS2 title Fu’un Super Combo which is a double pack compilation game of two Neo-Geo titles released in the mid 90s’, Savage Reign & Kizuna Encounter on PSN for PS4 players on PSN here in North America. USA players more than likely have played both of these titles on the Neo-Geo in the past either on it’s console or in the arcades.

Savage Reign was released in 1995. The player controls one of 9 characters (2 bosses). The most identifiable character players may recognize is Hayate who appeared as a unlockable character in King of Fighters XI.

Kizuna Encounter (Super Tag Battle) is the sequel to Savage Reign. It was released in late 1996. There are 10 playable characters, and it is tag-based; the players selects two characters on one team.

Both games are available now on PSN. Look under the catagory: PS2 on PS4 in the Games section to find it!


Samurai Showdown VI North American Version Now Available on PSN For PS4

Samurai Showdown VI is now ready for purchase and download for PS4 here in North America!

The title is a US ps2 to ps4 port, so lacks netplay but it is very fun to play offline with friends!

If you’re looking for gameplay resources, we have a few here at Dream Cancel ALL the way from 2011 (the very first year this site opened!!):

Here is the forum section for SSVI: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?board=74.0
It has movelists, an a fair amount of gameplay discussion! Also, look for the video thread in that section that has many high level gameplay matches videos and archives from past tournaments, and arcade gameplay!

Here is our SSVI wiki: http://dreamcancel.com/wiki/index.php?title=Samurai_Shodown_VI
It has lots of information about each of the grooves featured in the game, but lacks individual character content unfortunately.

Enjoy the game! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

A Downloadable Demo Of King of Fighters XIV Will Be Available July 20th According to Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong

According to a9vg.com, Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong, a downloadable demo of King of Fighters XIV will be released on July 20th on PSN Hong Kong. Right now it is unsure how many characters will be available on the demo or what modes will be available.

We will edit this post when we receive more information about this announcement!

Source: http://www.a9vg.com/201607/6524878178.html

KOFXIII PSN/XBL Blue & Green Bar Matchmaking Session (2-11-12)

Having trouble finding GOOD blue or green bar connections online?

Well, this session held this upcoming Saturday all day (starting at 12pm CST) will help players test connections within their region or country to find who shares decent, playable connections.

We will meet in the wibiya toolbar chat, and this session is open to all players worldwide to test within their countries.

For more details, check out the thread here: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=2024.0

REMEMBER: NO wireless connections.

King of Fighters 2K2UM petition

King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match will be released on Nov. 3 on via Xbox LIVE Arcade. Orochinagi is heading up an effort to get it released on the PSN as well. Go over to Orochinagi.com and vote in their poll. The poll is just under the Skystage Flash game.

2K2UM is very important to the King of Fighters community. It’s THE game to play in preparation for XIII and is a classic in the series. As such, it’s important to have the game available to as many players as possible.