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KOFXIV: Juicebox Teaches His Stream Viewers How To Play Ramon

While streaming King of Fighters XIV, JuiceboxFGC took the time to show his viewers how to play Ramon! This tutorial video is an except from a recent stream session.

Be sure to watch his stream whenever he is playing KOFXIV! You can even play a long set with him, and he will give you feedback on your gameplay!


Source: JuiceboxFGC YouTube Channel

KOFXIV: Ramon Combo Exhibition Video By Combonauts

Check out some crazy, possibly impractical, damaging combos by Combonauts using Ramon!

Here are some notes from Combonauts regarding this video:

Not all characters are meant to have lots of combo variety, and Ramon is proof of that. With his scarce combo tools, it was hard to find something new and/or interesting but, as always, we did our best.
HereĀ“s a showcase of Ramon combos. We hope you enjoy it!

Source: Combonauts Youtube Channel

KOF2002UM Ramon, Benimaru, Vanessa, Mature, K’, and Kusanagi Combos By Bruno_Kof_13

Today, Bruno_Kof_13 just uploaded a short KOF2002UM combo video showcasing Ramon! The combos range in difficulty, either very easy bread-n-butter type combos, easy super cancels, then progress to much longer BC/Max Mode combos involving some links, or much difficult hit confirms! If you are looking for useful combo ideas, or a challenge, try a few of these out in practice mode!

Hit the jump to see KOF2002UM combo videos of Benimaru, Vanessa, Mature, K’ and Kusanagi that were uploaded weeks ago!
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