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King of Fighters XIV Launched Today in North America

Today is the day for us! Either you bought your copy locally or digitally, if you are reading this, King of Fighters XIV has been officially released today! Spend the day playing story mode, playing online, playing with friends, or grinding it out in training mode!

If you haven’t bought a copy yet, you can buy one here: https://www.snkplaymore.co.jp/us/games/kof-xiv/products/

We have some resources to help you learn the game that we have created here at Dream Cancel!

Dream Cancel King of Fighters XIV Wiki:

Our wiki is currently in its very early stages and development! If you would like to submit information for the wiki, please post your submitted information in the KOFXIV character discussion section for which ever character you want!

Dream Cancel King of Fighters XIV Character Section:

Our forums has a character section where you can share gameplay information on every character of the game! Information shared MAY be used on our wiki! You can make specific threads for certain things you want to share, or specific questions you have in mind! Take full advantage of our character section!

A lot of our resources are still works in progress, so we will update you when more content is available!