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KOF Interest Survey 2016 Results

The KOF Interest Survey that Fatacon and Reiki-Kito created a month ago is now closed and complete!

Here is a quote from Reiki-Kito:

This data is being shared with the hope that responsible and eager members of the community can make a change. We also hope tournaments and events that cater to our community use this information to see further growth.

The survey is complete and we will do a follow up in mid 2017. The follow up will see how perceptions have changed.
The Spanish, Korean, and Japanese surveys will be up till December.

Here is a public copy: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1x-IMB2tk5VP1hAQ6y6BPdJ6v4bgSkf63oEhT0__xVUw/edit#gid=236739004

Tell us what you think of these results in our comment section below!

KOF Interest Survey 2016

Fatacon and Reiki-Kito has set up a interest survey to further understand what players and viewers (like yourself) want out of KOFXIV events. This survey is intended to help understand and shape KOF communities around the world. Results will be shared with community leaders and organizers to create a growing and positive community!

If you play and/or watch KOF, you NEED to fill this survey out: