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The King of Fighters XIV DLC Blue Mary Trailer Released

AtlusUSA just released the a new King of Fighters XIV trailer, revealing Blue Mary as the final DLC character for version 3.0!

Blue Mary makes her triumphant return to THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV as a DLC character! Born into a family of accomplished martial artists, she is a specialist in several techniques but excels in the grappling fighting style of Sambo. Watch Blue Mary take down her opponents in the latest trailer.

Blue Mary will be available for purchase as DLC on April 12th. This will bring the total playable roster to a whopping 58 fighters!

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The King of Fighters XIV DLC Najd Trailer Released

SNK has just released a trailer of Najd, a new mysterious Saudi Arabian fighter who was designed by a contest winner a few months back.

Najd is a very quiet person dressed with an Abaya (traditional Saudi garment) with extraordinary powers. At night, she puts on her Abaya and turns into a vigilante to protect her fellow citizens. In contrast to her mysterious appearance, she is a college student during the day.

Also released is a video of Najd’s voice actress explaining more about the character, and has footage from a recording session:

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Whip Is The 1st DLC Character Revealed For King of Fighters XIV

Past KOF character Whip who first appeared in King of Fighters 99, has been revealed from SNK as their first DLC character for King of Fighters XIV! Check out the trailer below!

There are 3 more characters left! Who will make the spots?

Edit: Whip will be released April 5th & will cost $5.99 USD!

Source: Playstation Youtube Channel

King of Fighters XIV Nightmare Geese DLC Costume Trailer Released

If you pre-order King of Fighters XIV digitally, you will be able to download this costume for Geese! Let us know what you think of how he looks so far in the trailer!

Source: Atlus USA Youtube Channel

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