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KOF2002UM System Guide Tutorial Video Part 1 & 2

The admins of the KOF2002UM discord server has created system mechanics guide videos for players interested in learning the deeper gameplay concepts of the game.

More parts will be created and included in this series. The first part was created back in March 2020 and the 2nd part was released in June 2020.

Part 1

Part 2

Be sure to buy King of Fighters 2002UM on steam if you haven’t or gift a copy for an interested friend or family member: https://store.steampowered.com/app/222440/THE_KING_OF_FIGHTERS_2002_UNLIMITED_MATCH/

Coliflowerz Will Help You Quickly Learn How To Play With Ralf Jones In King of Fighters XIV In This Quick Video Tutorial

Coliflowerz has recorded and uploaded a King of Fighters XIV Ralf Jones quick tutorial that will help you learn the basic gameplay mechanics of the character! Normals, special moves, super special moves, combos and more are explained thoroughly in this tutorial video!

Ralf has the potential to do an insane amount of damage, but getting there takes a lot of precision and timing. Thankfully, his basic combos still do a decent amount of damage, but it’s a bit disappointing. I usually avoid impractical combos, but Ralf’s higher damaging combos ride the line between bread-and-butter and CMV-only, so I included both them, and less damaging, but much more practical combos.

I touched upon the two precise timings required for his advanced combos in the video briefly, but I wanted to really touch on the second one. The developers decided to make the landing frames of hcb BD cancelable into Px4 or ACx4, which is unusual for an EX move. If you cancel it as soon as possible, you’ll get a measly three hits and be unable to follow up with anything. If you don’t cancel and just juggle after the hcb BD fully recovers, then you’ll get 4 hits, but only enough room to juggle with a cl. A. You want to be able to cancel in between those two times, which is way harder than it sounds. Practice vigorously, and you’ll be rewarded with one of the most damaging combos in the game. Note that you can juggle even if you only have four hits; you just need the last portion of the attack to hit twice.

Source: Coliflowerz Youtube Channel

Coliflowerz Will Teach You How To Properly Play Athena Asamiya In King of Fighters XIV In This Quick Tutorial Video

Coliflowerz is back with a new quick combo guide, showing basics of Athena Asamiya gameplay in King of Fighters XIV! This is good for players who are interested in learning Athena; both beginners and advanced players!

Athena is a very simple character to play, but her combo game is quite odd. You’re not really going to be hitconfirming into combos as much with as you are going to try to play the neutral game with fireballs or land command grabs. Really focus on the command grab combos and the MAX mode combos.

Technically Athena can combo into supers from lights by doing into dp A, but it takes a ton of dexterity and really isn’t worth it. It isn’t something I’d teach a new player.

There are a lot of intricacies to some of her command grab combos, but I tried my best to shove them all into the video. Let me know if anything is confusing.

I know a lot of players use the (air) qcb BD special as their MAX starter usually. But those combos are actually pretty terrible. So don’t lol

Source: Coliflowerz Youtube Channel

KOFXIV: Bandeiras Hattori Quick Guide By Coliflowerz

Check out this latest Quick Guide by Coliflowerz breaking down Bandeiras! The video explains his normals attacks, properties on his special moves, and a few combos are demonstrated! Excellent for players who are curious about Bandeiras’ gameplay approach!

Such a fun character!

Bandeiras has a lot of complexities going on when it comes to comboing as him that looks difficult on paper, but not too bad in practice (after all from a visual standpoint it’s just him kneeing his opponent repeatedly). There’s a couple of specific things I want to note.

After landing a hcf D, you generally have a couple of options. qcf C is your most damaging ender midscreen, and gives you a hard knockdown that you can work with. cr. C lets you do a mix-up afterwards. cr. D gives you a soft knockdown that you can also work with (try doing a command grab as they tech roll). In the corner, you can get a hcf B into a cl. C, which will actually be your most damaging option. The link juggle is a little tight though; feel free to just end with qcf C in those situations.

His level 1 smoke bomb is probably the super you’ll be using in neutral a lot. Against most characters you can combo afterward with a hcf D; a couple of the smaller characters will drop too soon unless you use the weaker C version of the bomb instead. But even against regular characters, if they’re too far away you won’t be able to land anything. That’s why you have to do the specific string of cr. B xx cr. A xx qcf A in order to get that combo; using f. A or something will push them too far back.

Level 2 bomb is super easy to combo after. You’ll see in the combos that have you start with smoke bomb, I say you can use either f. A or qcf A; when super canceling, they’re almost interchangable, and it’s based on your playstyle. If you tend to end your strings with f. A, then you get a little less damage is you do get the confirm (usually a 15 point difference or so) but you get a little more flexibility since it’s cancelable. qcf A nets you more damage and is kinda easier to cancel into super off of, but your pressure strings become more predictable. Both are safe so it’s not a huge decision you’ll have to make. But the option is there!

His midscreen MAX combo is actually really finnicky. The timing for landing the hcf B can be pretty difficult. To it too early, you’ll miss. Do it too late, you won’t have enough time to get anything after, so then it’s kind of pointless. The corner ones are pretty easy thankfully. Because of this, when I play Bandi, I tend to use non-max mode smoke bomb combos midscreen, and the MAX combos in the corner.

King of Fighters 98UMFE Quick 2 Minute Videos Guides By Mash It Out

Above is a video playlist of very quick gameplay tutorial video guides created and recorded by Mashitout from mashitout.com!

The guides show a good amount of a characters tools, like anti-air, common pokes, spacing tools, and short combos!

Recommended for beginners or intermediate players looking to learn a new character in 98UMFE!

Source: Saso via Dream Cancel Discord Server

KoFXIII: A Long Video About Counter Hits, Quick Rolls and the Meter System By TSS|Atma

TSS|Atma goes into a fair amount of in-depth information about counter hit states, quick rolls and the meter system in this unscripted tutorial video for King of Fighters XIII!

At the start of the video, Atma asks a very important question and concern that he would like your thoughts and feedback on. Post your thoughts either in the comment section here in the article or go to the comment section on YouTube!

Source: TSS Atma Youtube Channel

KOF XIII: Duo Lon Visual Podcast Tutorial By FM Sway

FM Sway did a very creative stream concept last night by combining the audio from our Dream Cancel Podcast Character Series episode from last year which featured SirOctopus talking about DuoLon with a live visuals, testing and some commentary!

FM Sway will be using more of the character series podcasts for these live streams, so be sure to follow him at: http://www.twitch.tv/FM_Sway

Here are some notes from FM Sway himself from the description section of the youtube video:

“Introducing another series, the Visual Podcast Tutorial!

Dream Cancel has been kind enough to deliver Podcast Tutorials for characters in The King of Fighters XIII, featuring multiple top players and the like to deliver what you need to know to start playing KOF XIII. However, there was a huge lack of any visual guides to understand what they are saying.

So, with permission from DC; Dream Cancel and FM Sway presents the Visual Podcast Tutorial, utilizing the original audio and interviews with top players to showcase a character’s strengths, weaknesses and advice, into a viewable form.

And last but not least, these tutorials are also to raise awareness for the final big KoF tournament of North America, being held at North East Championships! NEC is celebrating its 15th Anniversary, as well as KoF celebrating its 20th Anniversary! The KoF tournament at NEC is FREE ENTRY, but also includes a Pot Bonus of up to $2100, delivered by KOF Scene regulars Wyseguy, Garou Mike, Rome, KPB and NEC’s Big E himself! Want to enter the tournament and claim the prize as the best of North America?! Register and Book your Hotel now at www.BigEGaming.com for more info!

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