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KOFXIV: The Return of The Master Class Video Tutorial Series by Jef554

The ‘master class’ KOF video tutorial series has returned for King of Fighters XIV looking for character specific experimentation & exploration, done by Jef554. Like the previous master class videos (actually called from google translate: ‘practice match research Playthrough’), these are entirely in Japanese, but if you pay attention, you can understand the jist of what he’s trying to figure out when he’s moving along the command list. Also, keep in mind that these videos were done in past patched versions of KOFXIV, so things MAY be different depending on the time you are viewing the videos. He has gone through just under 9 characters so far, and he will update them as he goes along, so stay updated on his youtube channel.









Sylvie Paula Paula

King of Dinosaurs

Sie Kensou

Subscribe to Jef554’s YouTube channel for more KOF master class videos in the future: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb92PwQgkNtNZhMKghTPguw