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KOF XIII: Woman Fighters Team 100% Damage Combo Video By Douglas Pereira

Douglas Pereira of Douglas Production just uploaded another impressive combo video showcasing 100% (or 1000 damage) combos using King, Mai and Yuri Sakazaki of the Woman Fighters Team!

All the combos use full stocks of meter and are incredibly flashy. Subscribe to his channel for more upcoming combo videos!

Source: Facebook, Douglas Pereira Youtube

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KOFXIII Daimon, Yuri, Ryo, Joe, Terry, Raiden, Billy, Mature, Mai, and DuoLon Anti-Roll Option Select Videos

Mechanica has recently recorded and uploaded new videos demonstrating the corner anti-roll option select using Daimon, Yuri, Ryo, Joe, Terry, Raiden, Billy, Mature, Mai and Duo Lon. Be sure to view the video description on the individual Youtube video pages for a transcript on how to perform these option selects.

He has also grouped the videos in a neat playlist so you can view them all.





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KOFXIII Character Series Podcast: Yuri featuring AGE|Romance

In this episode, AGE|Romance of Team Chaos is interviewed about Yuri Sakazaki! We talk about her best normal attacks, dirty mix-up set-ups, option selects, character match-ups and execution tricks in pulling off her Yuri Butt Loop HD combo! This is recommended listening for new Yuri players or current players interested in stepping their game up!

The mp3 download-able version is coming soon!

Discuss this episode in the character series podcast thread here: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=2963.0

Yuri Butt Loop Tutorial

Illgameshgaming recently uploaded a very cool and informative HD combo tutorial of Yuri’s butt loop. If you’re a Yuri player, and you’ve always had trouble with her loops, check this video out:

A few notes from illgameshgaming: “This is the Butt Loop HD combo that you see many high level Yuri players use like Afterglow Elite’s Rommance and IGL’s Bala. The Biggest Difference between the two combos are the openers. One uses an easy chain that is Yuri’s BnB opener (Air) df.B d.B d.B s.A and the other uses (air) c s.C so that it doesnt scale as quickly and allows a 100% kill. I personally use the first one because the HD combo is hidden in a normal combo but I know some people like the flash and style of the 100% kill. The main commands for the actual HD Butt Loop portion are :

(HD) st.C xx f.A xx (air) qcf+B, [cr.C xx f.A xx (air) qcf+B] x9 ~ Neomax”

Posted by Marchefelix in the KOFXIII video thread: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=7.msg61816#msg61816