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The King of Fighters XV


General Gameplan




Heidern Slash

The Heidern Slash super is a multi-hitting projectile that locks the opponent in place, allowing you to safely mix them up. It's a move with endless setups and variations.

You have control over how far the projectile goes, for the sake of countering wakeup rolls in either direction. Needless to say it's a move you rather use in the corner where you only have one direction to mind.

For some reason crossup mixups does not work, but once you have the opponent locked down all you need is a simple empty-jump mixup to break their defense, and should net you simple ~180/~300 dmg for level 1/2 respectively (granted you guess right on the first hit).

MAX super > hop C > n.hop C > n.hop C is a triple overhead guess that also combos for up to 321 dmg.

One of the tightest setups being after landing 623A in the corner > backdash > 214214AC(4), which both reaches all the way into the corner but will also hit people trying to reversal roll-out.



Heidern Safe Jumps by B Cole

Countering Heidern

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