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  • cl.A/B/C/D are cancel-able.
  • cl.A/B are chain-able
  • cl.B hits mid.
  • cl.C is good to use in combos to cancel into special moves or his f+A command norma.
  • cl.D hits twice. The first hit is a mid, but the second hit is an overhead and is special cancel-able. Both hits push Chin back a bit which can make certain cancelled special moves


  • Far A is a non-cancel-able jab that can be used as a close range poke
  • Far B is cancel-able
  • Far C has great range, and can easily cancel into his special moves and supers
  • Far D is a special cancel-able sobat kick that has lower body invincibility when active that can evade characters cr. B, slides and very low sweeps that graze the ground


  • cr.A and cr.C are cancel-able. Crouching C is whiff cancel-able
  • Crouch A can be chained from cl.B.
  • Crouch B hits low, can chain into cl.B, and cr.A and is not cancel-able
  • Crouch C can be used as an anti-air because of it's vertical hitbox but lacks horizontal space
  • Crouch D knocks the opponent down, it is only cancel-able (if hit/blocked or whiff) into his rdp+K drink special move. It can also low profile evade mid-screen projectiles.


  • Jump B/C/D all cross up
  • Jump A can be used as an instant overhead on some crouching characters
  • Jump B as a hop can be used as an air-to-air to stop incoming hops. Can be low profiled if used as a jump or superjump.
  • Jump C hits twice and can be used as an instant overhead, and to start combos
  • Jump D has around the same horizontal range has jump B

Blowback Attack

  • Stand CD is whiff cancel-able
  • Jump CD is a short ranged kick that can be used from ground to air. Is also a cross-up.


Sake Slammer - (b/f + C)

  • Chin climbs on the opponent's neck, then squeezes the opponent. Chin lands near the opponent
  • Can be mashed out of
  • Hard knockdown

Reverse Leg Launcher - (b/f + D)

  • Chin throws the opponent towards the corner of the screen
  • Soft knockdown

Command Moves

Staggering Sake Gourd Attack - (f + A)

  • Chin turns around then falls on the ground
  • Hits overhead by itself, loses overhead property when buffered into. Is the only overhead in the game that can be free canceled into specials and supers raw.
  • Can low-profile under many moves towards the end of the move.
  • Special cancel-able

Combo Advice: Can be cancelled from his standing strong punch normals as cl.C, f+A or crouching C, f+A into a special move.

Special Moves

Gourd Attack - (qcb + A/C)

  • Chin flings his gourd towards the opponent.
  • The light punch version (A) hits mid and doesn't knock down. The heavy punch version (C) has less horizontal distance than the light punch version but hits low and is a tech-able knockdown
  • Both versions can be easily combo Chin's standing and crouching heavy normals, except crouching heavy kick (D), and combo from his F+A command normal.
  • Poor recovery if whiff or Guard Cancel Rolled (GCAB) at the end of a combo
  • Both version inflict the same damage
  • Cannot be countered nor reflected.

Eight Hermit Blast - (qcb + B/D)

  • Chin swings his gourd around in front of him.
  • Has very slow start-up, no invincibility and bad recovery if whiffed or blocked
  • Does not push Chin back if blocked
  • Can reflect fireballs/projectiles, and recovers instantly when it does.
  • Can be used as an anticipatory anti-air
  • Can combo after his Rolling Punch hcf+K in the corner

Mochizuki Intoxicator - (d, d + B/D)

  • Chin lays down as if passed out.
  • Has brief invincibility on startup (can be used in response to guard cancel CD's).
  • Chin will automatically use his "Back Warp Kick" & stand up after approximately 4 real-time seconds
  • Chin can move left and right while laying on the ground
  • Shrinks Chin's hurtbox VERY low, very quickly when inputted.
  • Can evade attacks and projectiles that have high horizontal ranges, including characters crouching light punches, and jumping attacks. It can not evade projectiles that skim across the ground, crouching light kicks, sweeps, and throws (normal and command throws).
Serpent Adversary - (up + B)
  • Chin springs up quickly then flies towards the opponent in mid-air kicking them then lands back on his back
  • Chin travels around 3/4ths screen distance. Depending on distance when performed, this attack may fly over crouching opponents.
  • Can hit the opponent twice depending on distance
  • Can be used as an anticipatory anti-air or as a reversal (but doesn't have any invincibility)
  • Very unsafe if blocked or whiffed
  • Hits mid, not an overhead
  • Soft knockdown
Carp Can Can - (up + D)
  • Chin wakes up performing a cartwheel traveling away from the opponent around 1/2 screen distance
  • Can be used as an anticipatory anti-air
  • Shouldn't be used while Chin is in the corner, if blocked, he can be attacked while rolling away
Rolling Punch 1 - (f + B/D) requires 1 stock Gulp Sake
  • Chin rolls towards the opponent then punches them. The roll can evade mid-screen projectiles and some standing attacks
  • The light kick version travels half-screen distance towards the opponent, while the heavy kick version travels 3/4th screen distance
  • Unsafe if blocked but Chin is pushed back away from the opponent which makes the punch hard to punish.
  • Can combo into his Eight Hermit Blast in the corner
  • Special and Super Cancel-able on hit / block.
Back Warp Kick - (A+B+C+D)
  • Chin wakes up to kick the opponent. He stays stationary and doesn't move when he kicks the opponent.
  • Very fast start up, and very hard to punish if blocked.
  • Good to use as anti-air or as a reversal to use immediately after evading an opponent's attack up close
  • Good to use if you want to get up immediately if you want to exit the stance quickly
  • Soft knockdown

Gulp Sake - (rdp + A/C)

  • Chin takes a drink of sake from his gourd
  • Has a very small amount of invincibility during the animation
  • Can be cancelled from every normal, even those not otherwise cancelable.
  • Drinks unlocks certain special moves
Rolling Punch 2 - (hcf + B/D) needs 1 stock Gulp Sake
  • Same properties as Rolling Punch 1
Burning Sake Belch - (dp + A/C) needs 1 stock Gulp Sake
  • Chin spins and flips towards the opponent from the ground to the mid-air. He travels close to full screen from screen corner to corner.
  • The light punch version starts very fast which can be used to knock opponents out of the air from afar. The heavy punch version has Chin spinning on the ground longer and hits the opponent 4 times before he launches himself in the air.
  • Super cancel-able on the 4th hit of the heavy punch version
  • Soft knockdown
Combo Advice:The light and heavy punch version can easily combo from his standing heavy normals and his close light kick. If you place too many attacks before the heavy punch version, it will not combo, example: j.C(2), cl.C, f+A, dp+C

Sake Fire Breath - (qcf + A/C) needs 1 stock Gulp Sake
  • Chin blows fire diagonally into the air. If hit, the opponent is knocked towards the corner of the screen
  • The light punch version has one fire breath, the heavy punch version has two fire breaths.
  • The light punch version has very fast start-up - can be used as an reaction anti-air
  • The heavy punch version has less start-up than the light punch version but can be used to fake opponents out thinking just a single fire breath will release
  • Pushes Chin away from the opponent if blocked
  • Whiffs on crouching opponents except for Goro, Chang & Maxima
Customized Invitation to the Furnace - (dp + B/D) needs 3 or more stocks of Gulp Sake
  • Similar to the heavy punch version of Burning Sake Belch, but Chin is engulfed in flames
  • Light kick version is 5 hits, heavy kick version is 11 hits.
  • The light kick version inflicts 200 damage, heavy kick version inflicts around 260 damage
  • The last hit of the light kick version if blocked, guard crushes and is super cancel-able. The last hits of the heavy kick version is similar to the heavy punch version of Burning Sake Belch with Chin flipping in the air towards the opponent. When Chin lands, he goes straight into his Mochizuki Intoxicator stance.
  • Combos from jump-ins, as well as a close lights.

Desperation Moves

Sake Hermit Gulping - (qcb x 2 + B/D)

  • Chin takes a few quick Sake Gulps and build 5 stocks of Gulp Sake
  • Has a small amount of full body invincibility

Thunder Blast - qcf x 2 + A/C

  • This is the super version of his Sake Fire Breath. The fire lasts on the screen under a second and eats up other projectiles.
  • The light punch version points diagonally above his head, while the heavy punch is directed in-front of him at a half screen distance. If the light punch version whiffs, the opponent can hit Chin under the flame or during the recovery.
  • Very fast start-up with a small amount of invincibility, good to use as a reversal, anti-air and at the end of combos from his heavy normals and light normals

Invitation to the Furnace - (qcf, hcb + A/C)

  • This is the super version of his Invitation to the Furnace special move. The last hit knocks the opponent towards the corner of the screen
  • Fast start-up and has a small amount of invincibility
  • The light punch version inflicts around 250 damage, the heavy punch version inflicts 300 damage
  • Soft knockdown
  • Combos from jump-ins and close lights.

Super Desperation Moves

Thunder Blast - (qcf x 2 + A+C)

  • This is a much stronger version of the DM version of Thunder Blast, it combines both his light and heavy punch version of the DM version, and covers space below him briefly.
  • Fast start-up and a brief amount of invincibility while it is active. Can be used as a reversal, anti-air and at the end of combos from his light and heavy normal attacks.

Hidden Super Desperation Move

Manipulate Flame Dance - (qcf x 2 + BD)

  • Chin blows out a small flame that can be controlled by the player's directions that lasts under 3 seconds. Chin is invincible for a short amount of time during the start-up. When the flame is touched by either the opponent, or by the opponent's projectile, (or by the player pressing a button) the flame explodes to multiple larger flames that covers a large area of the screen.
  • Hits low if the small flame hits below knee-level.
  • Inflicts around 400+ damage


0 Stock

  • Hop C (2 hits)/Hop D, cl. C, f+A, qcb + A/C
  • Hop C (2 hits)/Hop D, cl. C, f+A, dp + A (needs one Gulp Sake)
  • Hop C (2 hits)/Hop D, cl. C, dp + C (needs one Gulp Sake)
  • close D (2 hits), qcb + A/C
  • close D (2 hits), qcf + A (needs one Gulp Sake)
qcf+A whiffs on crouching opponents
  • close D (2 hits), qcf + A (needs one Gulp Sake)
corner only, qcf+A whiffs on crouching opponents
  • close D (2 hits), dp + A/C (needs one Gulp Sake)
  • cr. B, cl. B, dp + A (needs one Gulp Sake)

1 Stock

  • cl. C, f+A, qcfx2 + C
  • cl. D (2 hits), qcfx2 + C
  • cr. B, st. B, qcfx2 + C
  • f+A, qcfx2 + A/C

2 Stock

  • hcf+K (SC), qcfx2 + A/C (needs one Gulp Sake)
  • cl. D (2 hits) qcfx2 + A+C
  • Hop C (2 hits)/Hop D, cl. C, dp + C (5 hits) (SC), qcfx2 + C (needs one Gulp Sake)


阿澤.Aze (Chin Best Rounds)
Chin Master Class part 1
Chin Master Class part 2

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