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Quick Starter Combo Reference

0 Bar



cr.B, cr.Ax2, st.B = 13%

(jump-in), cl.D, hcf+A = 21%

1 Bar



cr.B, cr.A, qcf,hcb+D = 31%
• Note: You can do this as cr.B, qcf, cr.A, qcb+D

(jump-in), cl.D, qcf,hcb+D = 33%

3 Bar



cr.B, cr.A, qcfx2+AC = 41%

(jump-in), cl.D, qcfx2+AC = 42%



  • cl.A/B/C/D are all cancellable
  • cl.A/B chain into themselves and each other


  • s.A is cancellable
  • s.B is Kensou's furthest reaching normal and a decent hop killer
  • s.C hits twice and is cancellable on the 2nd hit. It will connect both hits from a pretty far distance
  • s.D is slow, but a decent anticipatory anti-air


  • cr.A/C are cancellable
  • cr,A/B chain into themselves and each other.


  • j.A/D are very solid jump in/combo starters
  • j.B crosses up on standing opponents, but misses frequently on crouching ones
  • Kensou lacks a solid crossup normal, but j.D acts as a fake crossup til the opponent understand there is nearly no risk of being crossed up.
  • poor jump normals are mildly augmented by Dragon Tear special


  • s.CD is whiff cancellable
  • j.CD has an interesting downward hitbox for jump ins.

Overall a pretty mediocre set of normals with some upsides.


Power Blast - (f/b + C)

  • Soft knockdown

Psychic Slam - (b/f + D)

  • Soft knockdown

Command Moves

Tiger Takedown Punch - (f + A)

  • Kensou slams both fist into the opponent. Hits overhead
  • can be comboed into, then becomes cancellable, but moves Kensou pretty far back so usually can't connect afterwards.
  • can cancel into BC mode

Reverse Mass Kick - (f + B)

  • Kensou hop forward with a short flying kick. Hits mid.
  • can be comboed into and then becomes cancellable
  • good spacing tool
  • slightly negative on block

Special Moves

Super Bullet Attack - (qcb + A/C)

  • Kensou's fireball move.
  • A version is much slower to move across the screen allowing time to position
  • A version is even on block point blank, C version is pretty negative on block

Earth Dragon Fang Nibble - (hcf + A)

  • Kensou dashes in with an elbow then a two kick combo.
  • causes soft knockdown
  • good combo ender
  • very unsafe on block

Heaven Dragon Fang Nibble - (hcf + C)

  • Kensou kicks the opponent into the air with an ascending kick combo
  • whiffs on crouching opponents
  • can be comboed into
  • with correct spacing can be used as an anti-air

Dragon Talon Tear - in air, (qcb + A/C)

  • Kensou strike diagonally downward with his fists.
  • hit mid
  • can be comboed into
  • A version is faster
  • C version has a longer pause before descending and hit for 1 more hit than A version
  • both versions be tiger kneed (qcb+ub)
  • both versions a relatively safe on block

Dragon Uppercut - (rdp + B/D)

  • Kensou spins upward in a cyclone of kicks
  • can combo into them
  • B version is faster and covers less vertical space
  • C version moves Kensou forward a bit more and covers more vertical space
  • both versions are unsafe on block
  • B version is Kensou's go to reversal

Arrow Kick - (qcf + B/D)

  • Kensou flips on his hand and send the opponent flying with a double kick
  • both versions allow a juggle state on hit that you can combo into lots of specials, supers or reset
  • cancellable into, but not comboable.
  • the first part of the active frames of both versions have autoguard.

Desperation Moves

Dragon God Kick - (qcf hcb + B)

  • super version of Kensou's hcf+A move, ends with his rdp kick.
  • Second and third hits are overheads
  • can combo into it as a decent ender
  • causes soft knockdown

Dragon God Drubbing - (qcf hcb + D)

  • super version of Kensou's hcf+C move, ends in rdp kick.
  • Hits high, whiffs on low crouchers.
  • can combo into it as an ender or for aerial punishes
  • causes soft knockdown

RESPECT Meat Dumplings - (qcb x 2 + A/C)

  • Kensou pulls a giant dumpling out to snack on
  • 3 possible outcomes:
    • Kensou cries in a long and fully vulnerable animation, no health gained. Probability: 50%
    • Kensou dances in a long and fully vulnerable animation while recovering health, up to 25% if he's not interrupted. Probability: 47%
    • Kensou leans back and clenches his fists in a very short animation with full invuln. If he's not interrupted, only grabs, he recovers all his life. Probability: 3%

Super Desperation Move

Hermit Power Blast - close (qcf x 2 + AC)

  • Kensou put his hands towards the opponent and fills them with 4 rapid energy blasts then a last stronger one that sends them away.
  • Causes 34% damage to the opponent.
  • proximity unblockable that can be combo'ed into.
  • causes soft knockdown


Dragon Awakening - (qcf x 2 +BD)

  • Kensou throws out a projectile that causes soft knockdown on hit.
  • It destroys most meterless projectiles but just phases through super ones. Essentially if you use it against a DM projectile, you'll get hit.
  • After it hits/phases through something, it also phases through the opponent without dealing any damage.
  • A follow-up projectile floats back on screen from the opposite direction and if it hits Kensou he goes into a powered-up mode after a fully invuln non throwable animation.
  • The follow-up projectile explodes if Kensou gets hit, blocks it, or destroys it with his own qcb+P projectile or the autoguard part of his qcf+K.
  • While the follow-up projectile is on screen, the opponent can't throw projectiles anymore.
  • Kensou does about 50% more damage when he is in his powered-up state and can't use his HDSM anymore.
  • powered up state lasts until the next round.


0 stock

  • (j.D) cl.D, hcf+A
  • cl.C/cl.D, f+B/f+A
  • cr. B/cr.A, cr. Ax2, far B
  • crossup j.B, cl. B, rdp+D
  • hop B/C/D, cl. B, rdp+D
  • (Corner) cl.C/cl.D, f+B, air qcb+A
f+B whiffs on low crouchers and crouching Bao.

1 stock

  • cl.D/cl.A/cr.A, qcf,hcb+D
  • qcf+K, qcf,hcb+D
You can delay the DM to get more hits.
  • (Corner) cl.C/cl.D, f+A, qcf,hcb+B
f+A doesn't combo on crouching Bao.

2 stocks

  • qcf+K, run, rdp+D(2), (SC) qcf,hcb+D
  • cl.D, BC run, cl.A/cr.A, rdp+D(2), qcf+K, run, rdp+D(2), (SC) qcf,hcb+D
  • cl.D, BC run, cl.D, [ (C) hcf+A(2), (C) qcb+A(1) ]x2, (SC) qcf,hcb+K (corner)
  • cl.D, BC run, cl.A/cr.A, rdp+D(2), (C) qcf+B, air qcb+A(1-2), rdp+(2), (SC) qcf,hcb+D (corner)
You can either TK the air qcb+A or jump then do it.
  • cl.D, BC run, cl.A/cr.A, rdp+D(2), [ (C) hcf+A(2), (C) qcb+A(1) ]x2, (SC) qcf,hcb+K (corner)
This is the only max combo that works on crouching (Bao, Vice, Mature)
  • cl.D, BC, f+B, qcb+A(2), [ (C) hcf+A(2), (C) qcb+A(1) ]x2, (SC) qcf,hcb+K (corner)
f+B whiffs on low crouchers and crouching Bao.

3 stocks

  • cl.D, BC run, cl.A/cr.A, rdp+D(2), (C) qcf+B, air qcb+A(1-2), qcfx2+BD (near corner)
You can TK qcb+A but jumping forward then doing it gives you more range. Remove air qcb+A if you're not near the corner.
  • In any other corner 2 stocks combo, replace qcf,hcb+K by qcfx2+AC SDM


阿澤.Aze (Kensou Best Rounds)
Kensou Master Class

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