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Ippon Seoi - cl. f + C

  • Over the shoulder throw (literally), opponent lands on opposite side

Kumo Koroshi - cl. uf + C

  • Looks like Blanka's head bite throw from SF2, mash throw

Tawara Nage - cl. df + C

  • Over the shoulder throw, opponent lands on opposite side

Benkei Nakashi cl. f + D

  • Jubei grapples the opponent and kicks them, mash throw

Tomoe Nage - cl. b + D

  • Over the shoulder throw, opponent lands on opposite side
  • Similar to Ken's HK throw in SF2

Jumping Izuna Otoshi - cl. air d + D

  • Grabs them does a from flip then slams

Special Moves

Nihon Seoi Dash - charg b~f + K

  • Over the shoulder throw except instead of being close he runs toward the opponent to grab them

Ooizuna Otoshi - cl. charge d~u + P

  • Picks up opponent and launches into then slams them

Senbei-Shuriken - charge b~f + P

  • Sonic Boom
  • C version is faster

Neko Jarashi - cl. hcb + C

  • Grabs opponent does a front flip then slams them

Desperation Move

Dynamite Izuna Otoshi - cl. charge db, d, df + BC

  • A more powerful version of Ooizuna Otoshi