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Game Systems

Attack Notations

A = Light Punch

B = Light Kick

C = Strong Punch

D = Strong Kick

CD = Blowback Attack

P = With either Low Punch or Strong Punch

K = With either Low Kick or Strong Kick

AB = Evasive Roll, neutral or forward Ab while make the character roll forward, pressing it in the backward direction will make the character roll backward

GCR = Guard Cancel Roll, press AB when guarding an attack, can also be done while using a normal, costs one meter

GCD = Guard Cancel Blowback Attack, press CD when guarding an attack, costs one meter


                  up (u)
 (ub)  up left - 7 8 9 - up right (uf)
     (b)   left - 4 5 6 - right (f)

(db) down left - 1 2 3 - down right (df)
                  down (d)

Movement Abbreviations

qcf - 236 - d/df/f - Quarter circle forward

qcb - 214 - d/db/b - Quarter circle backward

hcf - 41236 - b/db/d/df/f - Half circle forward

hcb - 63214 - f/df/d/db/d - Half circle backward

dp - 623 - f/d/df - Dragon Punch motion

rdp - 421 - b/d/db - Reverse Dragon Punch motion

charge - [4]6 or [2]8 - b~f or d~u - Hold in one direction then shift to the designated direction

tk - 2369 - d/df/f/uf - Tiger Knee Motion

hcb f - 632146 - f/df/d/db/b/f - Half circle back forward motion

b~f - [4]6 - Hold back then press forward

d~u - [2]8 - Hold down then press up

db/f - 1,6 - press down back then forward

d/u - 2,8 - press down then up

d,d - 2,2 - press down twice

f/b/f - 6,4,6 - press forward back forward

qcb hcf - 2141236 - Quarter circle back half circle forward

Other Abbreviations

j. - Jump/jumping - Press up-back/up/up-forward.

sj. - Super-jump - Tap down-back/down/down-forward, then quickly press up-back/up/up-forward.

sh. - Short hop - Tap up-back/up/up-forward.

hh. - Hyper hop - Tap down-back/down/down-forward, then quickly tap up-back/up-forward.

cl. - Close

cr. - Crouch

st. - Stand

bb. - Backdash


List of Final Edition changes:

System changes: - recovery after charging in Extra mode has been standardized across the cast - can no longer recovery roll after being guard crushed in mid-air

Kyo (both) close A - 2 frames less recovery crouching A - 1 frame less recovery

Kyo (regular) QCF+A - damage increased from 10 to 13, guard point lengthened by 2 frames QCB+P - more moves will trigger the counter during the startup frames

Kyo ('95 version) QCF+P - 3 frames less recovery, but builds less power meter

Benimaru far B - damage increased from 4 to 7 QCF+C - floats the opponent up for followup attacks, but contributes less to the stun meter QCBx2+K - startup quickened by 3 frames MAX QCFx2+P - 9 frames less recovery

Daimon df+C - hurtbox reduced in size, anti-air capability improved HCB,f+K - Throw hitbox comes out faster HCFx2+ K - Super flash activates after the counter move connects, more recovery on whiff, Damage adjusted so that the third hit does the most damage

Terry (both) far B - damage increased from 5 to 6 QCB+D - Hitbox made taller so it hits crouching opponents as well. Less recovery on landing, and as a result it has frame advantage on block

Terry (normal) HCF+K - B version damage increased from 4 to 8, D version damage increased from 9 to 12 dp+D - Invincible until the hitbox comes out, and trading on the first hit results in the opponent being floated up with followup attacks being possible QCFx2+D - Invincible until the hitbox comes out

Terry (EX) HCF+K - First hit can be cancelled into any attack other than HCF+K on hit/block QCF+C - Builds less meter QCB,db,f+ P - All versions have their startup quickened by 8 frames, but have no invincibility after the super flash

Andy (both) close C - hitbox changed so that it doesn't whiff against short characters db,f + C - Slower startup, but less recovery

Andy (EX) QCB+P - 5 frames less recovery

Joe (both) df+B - less recovery

Joe (EX) HCF+P - Projectile has a bigger hitbox Mash P repeatedly - Hitbox of the first hit has been enlarged so that it doesn't whiff against short characters, follow up recovery reduced by 2 frames

Ryo QCF+C - Faster startup, more recovery HCB,f+P - C and MAX versions have faster startup

Ryo (EX) f+A - if not cancelled into, results in a hard knockdown HCB+B - landing recovery reduced by 8 frames air QCF+A - Projectile flies at a slightly shallower angle HCB,f+P - faster startup. A and MAX versions will connect from light attacks

Robert (both) Standing CD - longer reach f+A - Hitbox has been lengthened air QCB+K - recovery after landing has been reduced by 4 frames for the B version and by 3 frames for the D version HCB,f+P - C and MAX versions have faster startup

Robert (EX) HCB+B - Can juggle after it connects MAX QCF,HCB+P - Invincibility is 10 frames longer

Yuri (both) jump A - special cancellable jump CD - special cancellable

Yuri QCF+K - Less recovery on landing, frame advantage on block (doesn't specify whether it's the air or ground version) QCB+D - Less damage, but also less recovery. Can connect a stand A or crouch A on hit

Yuri (EX) QCB+C - less recovery, +3 on block

Leona down B - Timing for comboing into itself is easier air QCB+P - While jumping backwards after blocked, you can do a jump attack, air throw or a V-slasher QCFx2+P - longer invincibility

Ralf crouch A - can be comboed into itself far D - hurtbox has been shrunk towards his back vertical jump A - faster startup charge b, f + P - Shorter charge time, standardized with other charge moves charge d,u + P - enemy can't recovery roll on hit MAX QCF,HCB+K - completely invincible until just after the hitbox comes out

Clark close B - less recovery crouch D - recovery reduced by 4 frames

Athena far A - startup faster by 3 frames, bigger hurtbox far D - faster startup, gains lower body invincibility sooner f+B - second hit has its hitbox extended upwards QCB+P - 1 frame less recovery, C version travels faster HCF+P - the opponent takes 10 damage if they hit the ground without being juggled HCB+K - less recovery

Kensou close/far A - doesn't whiff against crouching short characters anymore down B - easier to combo into itself far B - damage increased from 4 to 6 f+A - less recovery air QCB+P - Can be cancelled into other special attacks if the final hit connects

Chin HCF+K - B version is +3 on block, D version is +1 on block QCB+C - First hit doesn't push the opponent back anymore dp+A - faster startup

Chizuru f+A - lower body invincibility until just before the hitbox appears d,d+P/K - Now hits overhead, knockdown on hit QCF+C - travels less distance, 15 frames of invincibility from the start of the move

Mai dp+P - less recovery, A version is -1 on block, C version is -10 on block QCFx2+P - faster startup, A version has slightly slower projectile speed, C and MAX versions have slightly faster projectile speed QCBx2+P - less recovery

Mai (EX) charge d,u + K - invincible startup, but less damage and longer recovery as a result

King (both) QCF+D - less recovery

King (EX) QCFx2+P - opponent can't recovery roll on hit

Kim f+B - Bigger hitbox, such that it'll hit even if right next to the opponent Charge d, u + D - Invincible on the frame that the hitbox appears Charge b, f+ K - Charge time is shorter, standardized with the rest of the cast air QCFx2+K - Invincible until just before the hitbox appears

Chang jump C - hurtbox on the steel ball is smaller jump CD - hurtbox on the steel ball is smaller

Choi Charge times are shorter, standardized with the rest of the cast

Yashiro (both) close D - hits low jump C - easier to cross up

Yashiro HCF+A - 2f less recovery QCF+A followup after HCF+A - 3 frames less recovery QCB+K - greatly increased the amount it contributes to the stun meter

Shermie (both) crouch B - easier to combo into itself close C - no longer whiffs on short characters jump D - faster startup

Shermie f+B - first hit hits overhead HCF+K - Travels further, does more damage QCB+P - Bigger collision box

Orochi Shermie f+B - first hit hits overhead QCB+K - more damage HCF+P/K - B, C and D versions have the same recovery as the A version (shorter) MAX QCFx2+K - Invincibility lasts until after the hitbox comes out

Chris QCF+D - less recovery

Orochi Chris QCB+P - less recovery QCFx2+P - faster startup

Yamazaki (both) far C - can cancel into special/super moves when it connects QCB+C - C version has less recovery, is now -2 if guard cancel rolled HCF+K - damage increased from 13 to 21 QCFx2+P - Made it easier for the downward attack to hit if a grounded opponent is hit by the rising punch

Yamazaki HCB,f+P - damage increased from 22 to 27

Yamazaki (EX) f+A - if not cancelled into, second hit does a hard knockdown

Mary QCF+K - less recovery

Billy (both) close C - no longer whiffs on short characters crouch D - cancels into special and super moves f+A - second hit should no longer whiff on short characters HCF+P - B version has 6 frames less recovery, D version has 10 frames less recovery A repeatedly/C repeatedly - can cancel the animation by pressing ABCD together

Billy QCB+K - counter hitbox comes out sooner QCFx2+P - If the second hit connects in mid-air, the third hit should connect easier, and Billy's hurtbox has been shrunk downwards

Iori f,f step (Extra mode) - distance moved is longer HCB,f+P - morerecovery after the throw so it's harder to connect attacks afterwards

Mature QCB+D - slower startup but less recovery dp+P - more damage

Vice jump C - active frames lengthened from 4 to 8 jump D - active frames lengthened from 5 to 8 QCFx2+K - invincibility until just after the throw hitbox appears

Heidern charge d,u+C - longer invincibility, but longer recovery

Takuma far B - longer active frames close C - no longer whiffs against short characters QCB+P - less recovery QCF,HCB+A - invincible until just after the hitbox appears

Saishu dp+B - second hit has a larger hitbox so it shouldn't whiff if the first connects HCB+K - less recovery, second hit should be easier to connect if the first connects QCB+P - First hit has a bigger hitbox and less recovery QCFx2+P - A version and MAX version have faster startup

Heavy D! close C - less recovery, no longer whiffs on short characters d,d+P - after powering up, as long as you don't do any powered up specials you won't lose the effect upon being hit QCF+A - while powered up, startup is faster and will connect from light attacks QCFx2+K - animation completes during the super flash so you can move as soon as it ends MAX QCFx2+K - effect lasts until the end of the round

Lucky close C - no longer whiffs on short characters crouch C - no longer whiffs on short characters, special/super cancellable on contact dp+B - invincible until just after the hitbox appears dp+D - made it easier to connect in full if used as a followup in a combo

Brian close C - first hit no longer whiffs on short characters jump C - can be cancelled into aerial special attacks QCFx2+B - faster startup

Geese (both) close C - no longer whiffs on short characters f+B - less recovery, +2 on block

Geese dp+A - descending attack is easier to connect against crouching opponents, less recovery on landing

Geese (EX) db, HCB, df+ P - hitbox extended to the interior of the move

Krauser close C - less damage far C - less damage far D - less damage stand CD - less damage, smaller hitbox rdp+K - less damage, D version no longer has invincibility, more recovery QCF+K - less damage QCF+P/K - less damage, heavy version has faster startup but more recovery f,HCF+P - less damage QCF,HCB+P - more recoveryon whiff, characteristics don't change if both buttons are pressed

Mr.Big crouch A - cancellable into command moves crouch B - easier to connect to crouch A crouch C - cancellable into command moves f+A - cancellable if cancelled into tap P repeatedly - harder to get pushed out of range on hit, easier to get multiple hits, first hit does less damage HCB+K - reflects grounded projectiles

Eiji QCF+B - less recovery MAX QCF,HCB+P -slower startup, no invincibility after super flash

Kasumi air QCF+P - 5 frames less recovery on landing dp+K - no hitback, damage reduced from 14 to 5 HCF+D - damage increased from 20 to 26

Shingo jump D - easier to crossup f+B - will combo after heavy attacks QCF+A - no longer whiffs on short characters QCF+C - startup faster by 1 frames

Rugal far B - startup faster by 1 frame close D - startup faster by 3 frames, recovery reduced by 5 frames

Credit to OmegaDL50 @ NeoGAF -


Team Japan

Kyo Kusanagi (98UM)

Benimaru Nikaido (98UM)

Goro Daimon (98UM)

Fatal Fury Team

Terry Bogard (98UM)

Andy Bogard (98UM)

Joe Higashi (98UM)

Art of Fighting Team

Ryo Sakazaki (98UM)

Robert Garcia (98UM)

Yuri Sakazaki (98UM)

Team Ikari

Leona Heidern (98UM)

Ralf Jones (98UM)

Clark Still (98UM)

Psycho Soldier Team

Athena Asamiya (98UM)

Sie Kensou (98UM)

Chin Gentsai (98UM)

Womens Team

Chizuru Kagura (98UM)

King (98UM)

Mai Shiranui (98UM)

Kim Team

Kim Kaphwan (98UM)

Chang Koehan (98UM)

Choi Bounge (98UM)

New Faces Team

Yashiro Nanakase (98UM)

Chris (98UM)

Shermie (98UM)

New Faces Team

Orochi Yashiro (98UM)

Orochi Chris (98UM)

Orochi Shermie (98UM)

Team 97

Ryuji Yamazaki (98UM)

Blue Mary (98UM)

Billy Kane (98UM)

Team 96

Iori Yagami (98UM)

Mature (98UM)

Vice (98UM)

Masters Team

Heidern (98UM)

Takuma Sakazaki (98UM)

Saisyu Kusanagi (98UM)

American Sports Team

Heavy D! (98UM)

Lucky Glauber (98UM)

Brian Battler (98UM)

96 Boss Team

Geese Howard (98UM)

Wolfgang Krauser (98UM)

Mr. Big (98UM)

Edit Characters

Eiji Kisaragi (98UM)

Kasumi Todoh (98UM)

Shingo Yabuki (98UM)

Rugal Bernstein (98UM)

EX Characters

EX Kyo (98UM)

EX Terry (98UM)

EX Andy (98UM)

EX Joe (98UM)

EX Ryo (98UM)

EX Robert (98UM)

EX Yuri (98UM)

EX Terry (98UM)

EX Mai (98UM)

EX King (98UM)

EX Yamazaki (98UM)

EX Blue Mary (98UM)

EX Billy (98UM)

EX Geese (98UM)

Boss Characters

Goenitz (98UM)

Orochi (98UM)

Omega Rugal (98UM)

Orochi Iori (98UM)

Orochi Leona (98UM)