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Charaimg ramon.png


(*) = EX OK

(!) = MAX OK


Arm Whip - close Bk.gif / Fd.gif + C.gif

Flying Mare - close Bk.gif / Fd.gif + D.gif

Command Normals

Sankaku-Tobi - in air near edge of screen, Uf.gif

Drop Kick - Df.gif + B.gif

Head Butt - Fd.gif + A.gif

┗Hikiokoshi[after Head Butt knockdown] Dn.gif Dn.gif + A.gif / C.gif

Special Moves

Tiger Neck Chancery - Hcf.gif + A.gif / C.gif *

Rolling Sobat - Dp.gif + B.gif / D.gif *

┗Flying Body Attack[After B.gif / D.gif Rolling Sobat] Dp.gif + B.gif / D.gif
┗Hikiokoshi[After Flying Body Attack]Dn.gif Dn.gif + A.gif / C.gif

Somersault - Hcf.gif + B.gif / D.gif *

┗Stop[After Somersault]A.gif B.gif

Tiger Road - Qcb.gif + B.gif / D.gif *

┗Feint Dash[Tiger Load]A.gif B.gif
┗Feint Jump[Tiger Load]Uf.gif
┗Cross Chop[Tiger Load]B.gif / D.gif
┗Force of Will[Tiger Load]Qcf.gif + A.gif / C.gif
┗Hikiokoshi[Force of Will]Dn.gif Dn.gif + A.gif / C.gif

Bird of Paradise - Dn.gif Dn.gif + A.gifC.gif

┗Hikiokoshi[Bird of Paradise]Dn.gif Dn.gif + A.gif / C.gif

Feint Step - Qcb.gif + A.gif / C.gif

Super Special Moves

Tiger Spin - Hcb.gif Hcb.gif + A.gif / C.gif !

El • Diablo • Amarillo • Ramon • Volando - Qcb.gif, Hcf.gif + B.gif/D.gif !

Climax Desperation Move

Hyper Sonic • Ramon - Hcb.gif Hcb.gif + B.gif D.gif

Quick Combo Reference

Quick Combo Reference

Notation Key (place notation here)

0 Meter

Low, Anywhere
Low, Anywhere

(Combo 1) = (damage number here) dmg
(Combo 2) = (damage number here) dmg
(Combo 3) = (damage number here) = 231 dmg

1 Meter

Low, Anywhere

(Combo 1) = (damage number here) dmg
(Combo 2) = (damage number here) dmg
(Combo 3) = (damage number here) dmg

2 Meters Anywhere (Combo 1) = (damage number here) dmg

Gameplay Overview

Health: 1000

Ramon is a speedy, runaway grappler with unique run cancel based strings, high reset potential, hard knockdowns on pretty much anything, and really strong 2 bar combos in 2nd & 3rd position.

At a distance you want to feint cancel his Tiger Road in place to build meter, and when the opponent tries to rush you down you can let one of those walldive mixups rip.

His weaknesses include slow anti-air normals (you’re mostly relying on j.CD for air control), lacking combos from light attacks (outside MAX activation), and not having big damage 4-5 bar combos.



  • st. A - Terrible hop checker, but a good ender for his light strings as it’s very safe on block.
  • st. B - A quick side kick. Same range as st. A with less frames on block, 1 frame slower, and has more recovery frames.
  • st. C - 8f startup, his best poke into MAX. Can frametrap after s.A.
  • st. D - 14f startup, anti-air.


  • cl. A - A fast palm thrust aiming at the opponent’s chin. +1 frame on block.
  • cl. B - 4f startup. Low hit
  • cl. C - 7f startup, force stand
  • cl. D - 8f startup, 80 damage, pushes the opponent back a lot


  • cr. A - 5f startup, +2 frames on block since 3.0.
  • cr. B - 4f startup, -3 on block, actually makes him taller.
  • cr. C - 11f startup, -0 on block, cancellable poke with long range. Important part of his qcb+C run feint cancel pressure.
  • cr. D - 12f startup, -4 on block, cancellable. His longest button. Very good at low profiling under fireballs as long as it’s done early. Can even low profile under some wakeup DPs at max range. Hit confirmable into meaty hcf+K / run up cr.C mixups assuming the opponent recovery rolls.


  • j. A - a jumping chop with short horizontal range.
  • j. B - crossup possible
  • j. C - very good crossup, a tad slow
  • j. D - pseudo-crossup, deep jump-in


  • st. CD - 16f startup, unsafe so always run cancel it, has obvious low invulnerability
  • j. CD - His main air-to-air.


Arm Whip - (b/f+C) close

  • Hard knockdown for run-up pressure.

Flying Mare - (b/f+D) close

  • Hard knockdown for a hyper hop safejump.

Command Moves

Sankaku-Tobi - in air near edge of screen, (up-forward)

  • Your standard walljump.

Drop Kick - (df+B)

  • A long low poke, fairly useless on it’s own, but can extend the range of his strings by a huge amount. Whiff cancel cr.D into df+B reaches 3/4 of the screen. As it is very unsafe you want to cancel it into qcb+C feint whenever it’s blocked.

Head Butt - (f+A)

  • Overhead that causes hard knockdown and has a special follow up. -4 on block makes it virtually unpunishable at max range. When cancelled into it still knocks down but lose the follow-up (though you can still combo into his dd+A~C OTG special), it’s also completely safe even without qcb+C cancelling.
Hikiokoshi - after Head Butt knockdown - (down, down+A/C)
  • A follow-up that’s possible after not only f+A but a number of knockdown specials. Re-stands the opponent at a +0F situation (Super Cancel possible), just outside of hcf+P range. Great against characters without a 4f normal, but bad vs characters with a low counter. Generally becomes a game of reversal chicken, but one that Ramon’s Climax (invincible running grab) kind of wins for free.

Special Moves

Tiger Neck Chancery - (hcf + A/C)

  • A command grab with 5 frame invincible startup. Side-switches the opponent. Possible hyper hop safejump after. (120 damage)

EX: 1 frame startup. Possible safe-jump after. (160 damage).

Rolling Sobat - (dp + B/D)

  • One of Ramon’s main combo tools. Has a series of follow-ups that can end in a super cancel. Causes a really good hard knockdown on it’s own and has some low invulnerability.
  • B version is -8 on block but virtually safe midscreen due to pushback.
  • D version is slower due to a forward step, and is actually an overhead! -10 on block but if spaced correctly it’s hard to punish mid screen.

EX: Causes a crumple stun that’s a key combo extender. No follow ups on it’s own. -1 on block.

Flying Body Attack [After B/D Rolling Sobat hits] - (dp + B/D)
  • Ramon body-splashes the opponent. Hard knockdown still (perfect for a meaty cl.C) and is a good place to end the string if you don’t want to SC or deal with the +0 situation.
Hikiokoshi - (down, down + A/C)
  • Same move as after the f+A overhead. Re-stands for a Super Cancel or +0 frame situation.

Somersault - (hcf + B/D)

  • A very fast running command grab with a minimum of 14 frames startup. Looks identical to his regular forward run which becomes a useful mixup, especially after his few soft knockdowns such as cr.D or j.CD where the grab itself easily lands meaty. (100 damage)

EX: A faster run with 9f startup. (120 damage)

Stop - (A + B)
  • Press A+B to stop running.

Tiger Road - (qcb + B/D)

  • Ramon runs back to the wall and jumps off of it, attacking with a very short overhead that can also crossup. Causes a hard knockdown, if you ever manage to land it that is (80 damage).
  • The run/walldive can be changed or cancelled in different ways. The non-EX versions are all too slow and short to be used in any form of offense, and most can simply be rolled away from.

EX: All the EX attacks are homing and significantly faster, with the run itself being completely projectile invulnerable. The standard overhead attack still causes hard knockdown. It also recovers pretty fast in case of whiff/block (140 damage).

Feint Dash [Tiger Road] - (A + B)
  • Ramon stops in his tracks before hitting the wall. A good way of building meter.
Feint Jump [Tiger Road] - (up-forward)
  • Ramon does a backflip back towards the opponent. This move has projectile invulnerability so use it if you have a fireball chasing you.
Cross Chop [Tiger Road] - (B/D)
  • A long range dive that goes over fireballs (and sometimes the opponent). Reaches 3/4 of the screen. Safe at max range. Causes a soft knockdown (90 damage).
  • The EX version has full projectile invulnerability, but it’s homing quality makes it unsafe at any range (150 damage).
Force of Will [Tiger Road] - (qcf + A/C)
  • Leaping grab option that only connects on standing/jumping (and sometimes rolling) opponents. Reaches slightly less than half screen away.
  • EX version is a fantastic move that connects anywhere. Midscreen it can be avoided by forward rolling, but in the corner the opponent must contest it with buttons or it’s free 200 damage + a Super Cancel.
Hikiokoshi [Force of Will] - (down, down + A/C)
  • The same Super Cancel / restand +0f follow-up as after f+A.

Bird of Paradise - (down, down + B~D)

  • A forward flipping overhead with crossup potential. Also hits OTG after moves such as f+A (cancelled into), qcb+A (corner), qcb,hcf+K (corner), even allowing an easy safejump after. Unsafe.
Hikiokoshi [Bird of Paradise] - (down, down + A/C)
  • The same Super Cancel / restand +0F follow-up as after f+A. Usually doesn’t work after the OTG.

Feint Step - (qcb + A/C)

  • Hold the button to run back and forth in place, starting with backwards.
  • A-version unleashes a dropkick, with great corner carry and hard knockdown. Wall splats on CH. It can also go over projectiles, but getting it blocked or whiffed is very unsafe.
  • C-version is a feint that recovers instantly, and is an important part of Ramon’s strings and keeping them safe. It let’s you stay in range and do a second loop of blockstring as in: cl.C, df+B xx qcb+C -> cr.C, df+B xx qcb+C, or just frametrap s.C after the first one. It also makes it less obvious when you’re going for the running command grab mixup.

Super Special Moves

Tiger Spin - (hcb, hcb + A/C)

  • 1 frame command grab. Side-switches and gives you no oki. Doesn’t do much more damage than his regular command grab (180 damage).

Max: Increased damage (330 damage).

El • Diablo • Amarillo • Ramon • Volando - (qcb~hcf + B/D)

  • Walldive super. At least 15 frames startup. Doesn’t flash until the wall is reached. Decent projectile invulnerability just as he leaves the wall. Has corner carry + OTG follow-up. Too slow to be useful in combos though (192 damage).

Max: Flashes before reaching the wall. Has less projectile invul, but is better at plainly passing over fireballs. It’s speed together with the qualities of the standard version makes this his go-to Super (348 damage). Climax cancellable when he does the finger guns.

Climax Super Special Moves

Hyper Sonic • Ramon - (hcb, hcb + B+D)

  • A running command grab with a good amount of invulnerability. 12f startup. Fully projectile invulnerable? (450 damage).



Rush Auto Combo

Meterless: 172 damage + hard knockdown. 2nd hit is push-back safe, and the 3rd hit can be delayed to frame-trap. Can be linked after cl.B for 192 damage (low starter).

1 Meter: 223 damage.

EX: 347 damage.

  • Reminder: you are NOT able to Advance Cancel or Climax Cancel from a Rush Combo

0 meter

  • cl.B, cl.A, hcf+P = (161 DMG)

(His only meterless low/light starter.)

  • cl.C, f+A, down down+A~C = (148 DMG)

(f+A is safe on block, and dd+A~C sets up a corner safejump.)

  • cl.C, df+B, hcf+P = (225 DMG)

(Sideswitches, decent oki.)

  • cl/cr.C, df+B, qcb+A = (184 DMG)

(Make sure to confirm and do qcb+C on block. Great corner carry.)

  • (corner) cl.C, df+B, qcb+A, dd+A~C = (218 DMG)

(Just hold UF for an easy safejump after.)

  • cl.C, df+B, dp+B, dp+B, down down+P = (229 DMG)

(Puts you in a +0f restand situation. Skip the restand for 209 damage._

1 meter

  • cl.C, df+B, dp+B, dp+B, down down+P, hcbx2+P = (355 DMG)

Max Mode

2 meters

  • (place combo here) = (place damage amount here)

(place combo description here)

3 meters

  • (place combo here) = (place damage amount here)

(place combo description here)

4 meters

  • (place combo here) = (place damage amount here)

(place combo description here)

5 meters

  • (place combo here) = (place damage amount here)

(place combo description here)


Frame Data

Ramon KOFXIV Frama Data Link


KoF XIV: Ramon Beginner Breakdown

Ramon Slow Motion Hitboxes

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