ESRB rates KOF 95 for PS3 and PSP

It looks as though the NeoGeo Station is far from dead. The ESRB has rated KOF95 for both Sony systems, pointing to an update to the NeoGeo Station. Will this update be KOF95 alone or will we see other NeoGeo games released at the same time? If nothing else, this is more evidence that certain claims regarding the future of SNKP were false.

The ESRB description:

This is a 2D arcade-style fighting game in which players compete in one-on-one combat with a large international cast of selectable characters. Players engage in hand-to-hand battles by mostly kicking, punching, and blocking their way to victory until the opposing player’s life meter runs out. Players can also trigger special moves to cause larger amounts of damage to their opponents. Some female fighters wear outfits that reveal deep cleavage and portions of their buttocks. A few characters in the background are seen with (what appears to be) bottles of alcohol; a main character holds two sake bottles during battle, has rosy cheeks, and says, ‘To make things easier next time I’ll fight drunk.’



  • oshaaaa, dope game.

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  • Holy shit, cleavage? Buttocks? ALCOHOL?? This game sounds offensive as hell.

    Why won’t SNK think of the children? :(

  • cool never gota chance to play KoF ’95

    and i hope the NGS gets the last blade

  • 95 was my introduction to KOF. That was when arcades were still relevant. I got to play it on a nice big screen..memories.

  • “If nothing else, this is more evidence that certain claims regarding the future of SNKP were false.”..i don’t know how republishing 10 times the same fucking old game makes this joke of a company prosperous or something… nevermind

  • To be fair, the rumours didn’t said that SNKP will stop to be related with games, those said that they will stop to make games and that they will still publish ports from old arcade games

  • Gonna have to have some ’95 Nights now.

  • I don’t think that Blister guy is a reliable source but playmore hasn’t released anything of a decent quality since NGBC and XI.Also they used to port the games asap from arcade to console and i wonder why aren’t they porting XIII, most of the their programmers now work for Dimps and aksys, the producer fron XIII left…and the list can go on – right now i have almost zero trust that XIII will be published on console because playmore seemed to have stopped from making games ..even that trouble witches neo from what i understand wasn’t developed by them…and frionel said something about announcement “soon” in april …. and it’s almost june.Would it hurt for them to release a trailer with no release date on it or an official teaser just so we know it’s coming?

  • sorry i meant arc system works not aksys

  • These may have been registered at the same time the original 10 NGS games were registered as possible stand-ins for the others. I’ll believe it when Neo-Geo Station on Facebook stops deleting questions as simple as “Can we expect new NGS games to come out?” …They just delete them ans talk about the same 10 games from 2010!… FAIL!

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