A few words on ReveLAtions 2011 from THE ANSWER

Dear all KOF fans,
This weekend we had one of the greatest KOF tourneys we’ve ever seen in a Major multigame tournament and I am very pleased with the results. We had a great turnout and we received great reviews from the fighting game community in general. I want to thank Alex Valle for allowing us to be part of ReveLAtions and Tournament Legacy as well as LevelUp for a magnificent stream. We were delayed for a few hours but on tournament this big nothing ever goes according to schedule (lol). I know for a fact that even the Tournament Legacy staff was not expecting such a big turnout.

I also want to thank our staff here at Dream Cancel. Kane317: thank you for all your work managing the brackets and awesome job on the commentary. DarkGeese: we really appreciate your support and coming all the way from Texas to be part of this, which is some serious dedication. Giby: thank you for being our special guest staff and helping with the brackets. Nilcam: thank you very much for all your support and for providing prizes for all top placers. I am very happy with the staff we have here at Dream Cancel and I am proud of being part of it. Congratulations to our top placers. You guys put on a great show and those of you guys who didn’t place, thank you for participating and supporting the community.

Revelations is over but the hype and excitement doesn’t end there, EVOLUTION 2011 in around the corner and I’m looking forward to making it our biggest event yet!!!



  • Thanks for the hard work folks.

  • t3h mAsTarOth...!

    To all of DC members that put in hard work to make this site as good as it is right now, much respect and thanks… You guys have achieved to create a serious KOF site where Wikis, Videos, News, Characters all have their own expansion of knowledge laid out for people that care to know pretty much anything about the game… Really glad to see KOFXIII get the appreciation it deserves…

  • That’s some good shit! Props to all people involved.

  • i’m glad i became part of this community while its still early :)

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