Pre-EVO KOFXIII wrap up

I must admit that today has been one of the most exciting days ever for KOF fans. I woke up to a new trailer for the game from Rising Star and then all of the news from Las Vegas hit. Here’s the run down for those who were away today:

  • The game has been rebalanced. K’ was buffed, Elizabeth and Raiden were nerfed.
  • Raiden’s drop kicks take longer to charge and mid-screen drop kicks cannot be followed up.
  • Saiki is playable and is not a charge character.
  • Terry can do d.B,d.B,d.A,d.C to start combo.
  • Takuma still has his stun combo.
  • Takuma bug has been removed.
  • Shen does not guard crush off of a fully charged qcf+P.
  • Joe’s Neomax can be charged. (See video below.)

Like I said, quite an incredible day. I’m sure the next few days will continue this trend.

The promised Joe video:


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