Drive Cancel Radio Episode 6

Another month in the wait for The King of Fighters XIII console release has passed! To mark the occasion, Desmond and I discuss the recent South Town ranbats with HotPockets/HellPockets, Reiki, RodgerDodger and FataCon; Kane317 shows up for a bit but then we lose him in a “bad area.” We also discuss the future of the podcast and the upcoming online XIII tournament.

Episode 6: South Town Ranbats

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  • I got played! You all knew all along!

  • Hell Pockets we gotta represent for Joe man!! Can’t wait for that Guardian Heroes too!!! my gamertag is the same as my username add me. I’m on East Coast but hopefully my connections will improve in the future.

  • I’ve gotta get my XBL Gold up and running again but we will most def be running GH online matches when it drops. And I’m reppin always reppin Joe! REAL JOES! ALL DAY!

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