KOFXIII delayed a month

The rumors have been proven to be true – The King of Fighters XIII has been delayed to 11/22/11.

This is both good and bad news. The good is that the powers-that-be felt the game needed a bit more work. I’m glad for this since the last thing our community needs is XIII to be released with problems. Many fighting gamers constantly accuse KOF of being a buggy game.

On the other hand, I want the damned game NOW!

Regardless, we now have a solid release date and that date is on a short week for many of us. Maybe a Thanksgiving tournament is in order.


  • Gonna buy it regardless…

    But still i’m saddened by this outcome…

    For one i wanted to get my hands on the game as fast as possible, a bit tired of playing everything else. Also i do believe this new release date will hinder the sales of the game, specially on the casual front of things. On the hardcore side i think it will be the same… but i’m willing to bet many casual players that would be up to picking this series up, possibly will be deterred because they will be playing UMvC3 instead.

    In fact i have a couple of friends that where hyped for the game, and already told me that if the game was delayed they would only maybe pick it up at a later date, if it was worth it, because the are already going to buy UMvC3 that month.

    Anyways let’s hope for the best… I have my hopes up even with the delay.

    • I feel the same way. I have pre-ordered KOF XIII and I am looking forward to it regardless, but I am concerned that the fighting game community will be forced to choose between the two games. I think KOF XIII can still maintain a community in conjunction with UMVC3, but I think some of the casual crowd will be lost.

  • I can’t blame them, Battlefield 3 had the same release date

  • I just hope and pray to Base God that it has amazing netcode. I can’t take anymore disappointments in 2011. First it was Duke Nukem Failever, than 3rd Strike May As Well Play It Offline Edition, and I need something to boost my spirits here.

  • Forever alone….

    Until November, then we’re gonna blow the internet’s roof off.

  • The only thing I’m concerned about is UMvC3 being released just a week prior. I mean, perhaps it won’t make a difference? But I could see new gamers going “Why buy this when UMvC3 just came out?” I’m just hoping sales aren’t affected by this.

  • I feel the concern. If you think about the streams, MVSC3 has pretty much swallowed it whole. With UVSCM3 now getting that release before KOF, they will be getting the full attention. I’m in atlanta and that is all they stream. There are so many titles coming out in novemeber besides just fighting games so its a tough time frame for KOF but I can say for those who don’t like the MVSC3 format this game will be right up their alley(not to add the pissed off fans of the game). Plus, KOFXIII has time to generate interest so I think they’ll be ok as long as they have the strong netcode that we’ve all been hoping for.

  • On a more positive note, I get to play a great deal seeing as that is around Thanksgiving so I’m very enthusiastic about that!!!!

  • This delay is definitely disappointing but if SNK is using this extra month to tighten up things here and there and refine the netcode then this is a worthwhile delay. The LAST thing SNK needs is for this game to be released with bugs/glitches or sub-par netcode…the internet would be set ablaze with KoF XIII hate..

    I for one am longing for a return to the days of real 2D fighting games. SNK’s (and Arc systems.. they keep it 2D as well.) gorgeous, hand drawn 2D art… not the new capcom-style 2.5D SF4 nonsense. I believe KoF XIII is the key to SNK’s success, I hope beyond hope that they nail every aspect of the game. from what i’ve seen so far it seems that they’ve got everything they need for this to be the best KoF ever, all they have left to do is get the netcode right. I believe that they can, I believe that they have learned from KoF XII and come November 22nd…hopefully we’ll all be playing each other online and ushering in a new era for KoF and SNK as a whole. If this game is successful, we might see more titles down the line from SNK. Imagine Mark of the Wolves running with the KoF XIII engine. amazing possibilities, but only if KoF XIII does well.

    Here’s hoping that SNK is using this delay to help make this game the success that we all feel it deserves to be.

  • I’m actually a bit happy for the delay. I really wanted to pre-order this for the soundtracks, and now I have a little more time to find employment to make that dream happen. I hope people still pick it up. The best thing we can do now is keep the hype train rollin’.

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