1up.com reviews KOF XIII

Oops, we did a boo-boo. In our excitement of the release of KOF XIII, we completely forgot to post up this review written by none other than iPlaywinner’s CEO/Founder, @haunts, himself:

“In a day where matches can’t seem to be won without the use of some crazy comeback mechanic, one has to wonder what happened to all the real honest fighting games. I miss the days when you’re down to your last sliver of life, and nothing was going to save you except flawless execution and the will to win. While we’ve seen some old classics come back on XBLA/PSN, for the most part I had given up hope on ever seeing a game that didn’t have some gameplay mechanic that resulted in easy-mode comebacks.

That is, until I laid my hands on King of Fighters XIII”

Head on over 1up.com to read the full review:
Real Honest Fighting Never Looked so Good as it Does in The King of Fighters XIII


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