The Patch

It seems The Patch is slowly blanketing the globe. It’s arrived in Europe and Japan and should arrive in the U.S. soon.

SNKPlaymore released patch notes and The Professor was kind enough to translate:

Rough Translation from Professor:
Ranked Match: You can now set your rooms so that players with low bars or low disconnects can’t join in.
Custom Match: Your room and filter settings will be temporarily memorized by the game.
Connection Display: The Antenna’s level display has been improved (I guess this means it won’t lie like it used to)
Online Connection: The stability of online connection has been overall improved (Note that it says stability, not speed.)
Player Data: Fix(es) have been made to “Player Data” (What exactly the fixes are, it doesn’t say.. probably the reset bug)
Replay: Fix(es) have been made to “Replay” (What exactly the fixes are, it doesn’t say.. my guess is the delete bug: you deleted files on the 1st page no matter what you did.)
Misc: Some fixes have been made to “Customize”, and also to issues caused with certain characters.


  • Does anyone know if SNKPlaymore has a release date for the patch?

  • Garbage patch.It does nothing to the netcode!

    • I agree play the game for yourself. I play a lot of people online with no real issues what this probably intends to do is to make sure that those issues don’t come up as much. For example if I was in a room and I requested only 3 bars and up I’d still get challenged by people with 2bar connections.

      I find that the people I connect with on a 3 bar connection does pretty good. I’m not that great with execution, but I’ve found someone who is so from what I’ve seen all they really need to do was have an accurate representation of good and bad connections.

  • Most of my combos stop because of lag.A lot of moves that should be punishable… online they are safe 9 out of 10 times because there is input lag and they just block.This is pure trash mvc3 vanilla style.The patch has been released to keep the players and for the placebo factor.Why did they released the patch exactly when sc5 came out? … well people are on their way trading/selling XIII as we speak.This is not a netcode fix, or bugs fix or anything…. this is shit for the birds

    • Weird, some people are saying it’s improved a lot and others are saying there is no difference from before.

      • Really there is nothing good about this netcode or about this so called “patch”.If you have someone offline enjoy the game if not too bad for you (in this case for me).

  • They still need to add quick button mapping, and multiple button layout settings… Give us the option to do that both in options and at the character select screen… Changing buttons before a match takes way too long for some players because they have different button layouts on their arcade stick… This would be the best fix, especially for those that have a local scene…

    • haha I did the same thing and I thought I was the only one.

      With that said I have played a few matches after the patch with the filter at Lv3 and up and I have only had lag in one match of 10 I have played. Im no genius but on my end thats really good. Of course its not perfect because online never will be but its a lot better than it was and is actually playable now. I play with a friend of mine in LA and Im in West Texas, and we have good connection always. From what I can see the speed of your internet connection has a lot to do with it.

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