• I totally agree, ShinBlade vs The Answer was the highlight of the tournament…everyone loves the underdog.

  • yeah I was expecting that ShinBlade vs TheAnswer match to be exciting ShinBlade put Reynald into losers very clutch player don’t think they were ready for that Terry.

  • I can’t get the archive stream to play and I used two different browsers (Chome and Firefox).

  • Wilma Flintstone

    OMG Juicebox is the PERFECT commentator for KOF! He knows how to pronounce all the moves CORRECTLY amd he can do a FLAWLESS Billy Kane accent. He NEEDS to be a sponsored commentator for KOF. Great Tournament!! I am absolutely hurt to my core that I wasn’t able to be there AND I LIVE IN ATLANTA!!! DARN CAR INSURANCE and Water Bill!!! T_T

    • Ah man that sucks. I was so glad that I made it did not imagine they were going to put the top 16 on screen so that was amazing to say the least. I wish I could make it to EVO this year I know that is going to be amazing as well.

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